It’s another Apple night tonight: 8 pm Amman time

3G iPhone?
Touchscreen Mac or PDA?
A special Mac for developers?
A new .mac service?
Errr, The end of global warming?

The rumors are raging like CRAZY. We’re now less than 8 hours away from the opening of Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2008 with a Steve Jobs keynote presentation.

Apart from awaiting conformation or denial of the rumors, tonight will also see the release of iPhone 2.0 software and the official Apple iPhone App store.

At 8:00 pm, I will lock myself in a room and follow the action on MacRumors Live, one of many live blogs covering event.

I am looking forward to an entertaining evening. Maybe I’ll even decide to finally get an iPhone, if Apple allows it to shoot proper videos and if it has GPS.

My Nokia N95 is looking scared :-)

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5 Responses to “It’s another Apple night tonight: 8 pm Amman time”

  1. hussein Says:

    other rumors:

    › iChat for pcs

    › iWork+iLife for pcs

    › (.mac)

    › snow Leopard (10.5.4)


  2. Woofer Says:

    we still cant officially get the 1st iPhone here in Amman yet….
    Its a joke and painfull seeing all of this eye candy tech stuff but cant get it!

  3. Rumzi Says:

  4. Hamzeh N. Says:

    $200 for the new 3G iPhone which has GPS AND is thinner!

    I have to say this was a big surprise. I have to tip my hat to Apple and admit I will be seriously considering buying one when I come back to the US this fall.

  5. Tim Says:

    Steve Jobs said that the new 8Gb iPhone would be $199 anywhere in the world… Yeah right! Not here in Jordan. Unless there is some special deal with orange/zain then we’re gonna be stuck bringing them in from America with friends or paying out the rear for it. Gotta love the taxes here.

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