Advertising on 360east

Starting March 2006 I started to accept advertising on 360east. The site is read by intelligent, educated, discerning and active people in the Arab region, the US and Europe. As a Jordan based site it can be expected that a good number of my readers are Jordanian, expatriates living in Jordan or Jordanians living abroad. It currently attracts around 20,000 visits every month.

Advertising on 360east works as follows:

* Advertising is time based (not CPM or CPC based). Minimum display of ad campaign is 1 week. There will be a small banner on each page of the site and a larger one on the home page) * One advertiser at a time. I will not rotate banners. * I will only accept ads that I feel are relevant to the readers of 360east (topics like: technology, gadgets, telecom, media, design, marketing, culture, art, architecture, travel) * No popups or other annoying ad types will be accepted. * I retain the right to review ad content (as well where it links to) before publishing it.

Interested? Drop me a line at ahmad.humeid[at] for pricing and other details.