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Tuesdays in Al-Ghad: Highly readable opinions of Khashogji and Sagheyeh

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Tuesday’s op-ed page in Al-Ghad is always interesting. Two Arab liberal voices, the Saudi writer Jamal Khashogji and the Lebanese writer Hazem Sagheyeh always provide good reads.

Yesterday Sagheyeh was writing about how every political party in Lebanon (and the wider Arab region) usese God/Allah in its street slogans. He sees this an a sign […]

No need to re-submit your comments.. :)

Saturday, November 13th, 2004

The Grendizer post generated a lot of feedback. Thanks to all who has written in. By the way, as I announced before, i switched on comment moderation, which means your comments need to be approved by met before getting published on the site (that’s why your comments are not appearing at once).

Fixed comment posting

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

I just fixed a broken link that was preventing posting comments. All this late night site fixing and spam fighting caused me to mistype a link in the code. Comment away people..

Don’t be shocked! It’s still my blog!

Monday, November 8th, 2004

After getting hit by the blog-spam, I decided to upgrade to WordPress 1.2 (for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, WordPress is the great software that powers this blog). So with some help from my friend Ammar (who is the one of the greatest PHP programmers and webheads in the known […]

About Ahmad Humeid

Saturday, February 21st, 2004

Here is my official bio:

Ahmad Humeid
Co-Founder, CEO/Design Director, SYNTAX

Ahmad started his first design studio in 1991 while still studying architecture at the University of Jordan. Since then he has been involved in various pioneering publishing, design and technology ventures in the Middle East, where he assumed leading positions in design, branding, user experience, information technology […]

Orignally published in the Jordan Times

Saturday, February 21st, 2004

Many of the posts on this blog ares simply my way of archiving my weekly article in Jordan Times. I write 2 weekly columns for the paper: one on technology and the other on design. THese are articles wrtitten for the general interest readers, not specialists. That’s why you’ll find some “explanations” for some basic […]