Remember that flying robot?

MEDIA | When today’s 30-something’s go nostalgic, they go online and dig. Ahmad Humeid does his own digital shovelling

Grendizer The other day I had one of the strangest business meeting. Stuck in a typical Ramadan traffic jam in Amman, I arrived 20 minutes late for my appointment at my client’s office. But instead of rushing to see my presentation, the two partners in the firm were interested in something totally different.

“Are you into animated series?” one of the partners asked me. Without waiting for an answer he already had launched a video file on his laptop’s screen. The other partner was already loudly demanding that the screen be tilted toward him so he can see better. I just stood there not believing what I saw? It’s GRENDIZER.

If you grew up in the Middle East in the early 80s, then there’s a big chance that Grendizer (dubbed in Arabic by Lebanese actors) was part of your childhood. For those of you too young to remember or if you were living underground during that time, Grendizer was absolutely the greatest Japanese animated science fiction series during that time. These were the days when our choice of TV was either JTV’s Channel 3 (Arabic), Channel 6 (English, French and that Hebrew news bulletin) or Israel TV. Those with longer TV antennas could see Syrian TV too.

Anyway. So there we sat, three thirty-something’s watching a 20 minute episode of Grendizer, making comments about the absurdity of some scenes (like when the hero, Duke Fleed, navigates his Grendizer UFO/Robot hybrid, skilfully avoiding the laser beams of a hundred UFOs shooting at him simultaneously), laughing our heads off at the “scientific” dialogue and forgetting about everyday business.

As children we used to patiently wait every week for ‘Grendizer day’. I used to go and watch it with my best friend in the neighbourhood. We knew the opening theme by heart. A rush of excitement would overcome us when Grendizer used his various weaponry (with names like ‘Space Thunder’ and ‘Rotating Cutter’) to slash the enemy monster-robots to pieces.

I left that meeting with 2 video files on my laptop (Episode 1 and 4 out of 74 or so episodes in existence). Back at home, visibly excited, I called my wife and six year old son to the kitchen table to show them “my favourite TV show as a kid”. My wife was amused at the idea. She didn’t grow up in one of the “Grendizer Countries” which included Japan, Canada, France and Italy.. Oh well.. But my son was totally hooked for the duration of the 2 episodes, eagerly demanding to see them again and again! Here’s an animated series created in the mid Seventies in Japan (by Anime master Go Nagai) that still grabs the attention of a kid in 2004. If that’s not proof of the power of original content and storytelling I don’t what is!

The act of Thirty-something’s looking for old songs, TV shows and even computer games is what I call Digital Archaeology. And I can tell you: it’s BIG. It’s one of those wonderful things that are only possible on the internet.

A Google search on Grendizer (aka Grandizer, Goldrake) revealed a whole universe of fan sites with everything from video clips to historical and plot information. One of the biggest sites, is operated by a certain Wasim A. Ismail, an Arab living in Canada. He grew up in Saudi Arabia and, like millions of Arab children, fell in love with Grendizer and today is part of a small cottage industry, selling sets of home made DVDs of every episode and spin-off movie to nostalgic Grendizer fans. Mr Ismail’s DVDs have been created by combining high quality video, taken off original Japanese video discs (remember those?) and the Arabic sound from old video tapes. What a fan!

Now, my son can’t wait for my next meeting with the client as I promised him to bring back more Grendizer episodes.

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69 Responses to “Remember that flying robot?”

  1. Natasha Says:

    That’s a great post Ahamd! I was a huge Grendizer fan although I’m still not thirty something;-). We’ll be in Amman in Dec, maybe I can copy those two episodes from you;-)

  2. jameed Says:

    I went through this nostalgia phase a while ago. I was partly satisfied with similar findings on the net as yours and by the fact the ART America started showing extremely bad audio quality reruns of Grendizer! (arguably the only thing worth watching on that channel). However, I am still in need for some Sasuke (I have the trailer movie clip) his own version of Kung Fu.
    Ah…good days

  3. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    :) Well, I am a little yonger than you Ahmed and Natasha .. Grendizer wasn’t part of my childhood, but all my friends who came from Kuwait in the early 1990s were hooked up to this series.
    My Childhood series would be Adnan Wa Lina, (English version: Future Boy Conan) by The one Miyazaki Hayao (of the Anime Spirited Away).. 3adnan was really special, he was a hero of our age, something that Grendizer is not :)

  4. Dalia Says:

    God bless piracy…

    Here in Dubai - you can get the complete series on VCD or DVD or VCR.. We’ve already shipped a few copies to cousins in the States in anyone is interested..

    Guess what else?
    Adnan wa Lina - the complete series.

    Nice ah?

  5. Mariam Says:

    I loved this post, it is amusing, nostalgic and i definetly could relate to it. So thanks for bringing all those memories up! I was also fan of Adnan and Lina, Sandi Bell, Remi, but my favorite was someone called Oscar!

    We all loved Grandizer, one my cousins had a big party when we were young because he was given a a very big Grandizer toy, and he had to show it off, the jealousy we went through that day! i am smiling now so thanks again!

  6. Mariam Says:

    Ahmad, This post was very amusing. It brought up so many memories. I laughed when read about channel 3 and channel 6! I guess every Jordanian could relate to what you because we all had the same two channels! As a kid i watched Adnan and Lina, Sandi Bell, Remi, but my favorite was Oscar!
    Once when we were kids, my cousin was given a relatively big Granizer prototype toy and he had to invite everyone he knows to show off. Man I hated him that day! I am smiling now so thanks!

  7. Dalia Says:

    God bless piracy…

    Here in Dubai - you can get the complete series on VCD or DVD or VCR.. We’ve already shipped a few copies to cousins in the States in anyone is interested..

    Guess what else?
    Adnan wa Lina - the complete series.

    Nice ah?

  8. amal Says:

    During the 80s I was living in Canada so had never heard of Grandizer. However, when my family returned to Lebanon EVERYONE would talk about this cartoon and look at me really strange for not knowing who he was. I grew up with the Smurfs and Astro-Boy :)

  9. Humeid Says:

    I didn’t expect so many comments on this. This is really great. I would really like to get all the Adnan Wa Lina episodes soon. When it was shown on JordanTV I was already out of the “Children TV age”, but I caught a few episodes and I remember that it was great. One thing worth investigating is the experience of today’s Arab kids. Will they also form common memories about certain TV shows, especially with the multitude of channels availble. We’ll see.

  10. Otaibi Says:

    Grendizer :) what memories…

    when I saw the title my eyes sparked, and flashback to that era, ran in my head, watching Grendizer, Adnan wa Lina, Oscar, & not to forget Sasuki through our childhood, and till now if any have the chance to watch, will not hesitate, and I feel happy that we had all these when we were kids.

    Lookin at the recent cartoon series, (I say in my mind, YA 7aram), no way to compare!!

    And since my partner is addicted to Anime (Japanese Cartoon), I’ve seen them in the original Japanese and have the Music (in Japanese)!!

    Thanks Ahmad, for putting a smile on my face :)

  11. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    well i’ve never forgotten Grandizer and they are laughing at me all the time in my family, here in Egypt the toys are unfindable, and the series was aired very late (90’s) not like other countries yet i had managed to get a few episodes from Kwait , luckily we have Original Copies here in Egypt and they are still sold, i have a copied one and i am saving to get an original copy, by the way the original DVD box set has been just released in Japan in an incredible price thousands of dollars, but i guess the original video tapes will do :D , thanks for sharing this :D

  12. Amin Matalqa Says:

    For 13 years, I went everywhere searching for JAZEERAT AL-KANZ (Treasure Island). I’m sure if you remember Grandizer, you will remember how amazing John Silver and Jim Hawkins’ adventure searching for the treasure was. For 13 years I searched around the planet for a copy of the Arabic dubbed version of the series. Finally a friend found me a copy at a video store in Anaheim, here in California. I watched it and consumed it like a drug addict swimming in a pool of cocain (PS. I don’t know what what means). I was ecstatic. The beauty of Jazeerat Al Kanz is that the themes remain adult. To me Grandizer becamse cheesey when viewed as an adult. Treasure Island did not. It was better than any hollywood movie I’d seen in a while. However, the quality of picture and audio on the set I bought ($100) was terrible. I wish I can find someone who can direct me to a place where I can find this on DVD with good audio and decent video. Please let me know via e-mail who I can ask. I will owe you one of my toes.

    Thank you

    Amin Matalqa

  13. khalifa Says: has it all in Arabic Remi, Sanafir, LAdyLady, Zina, Grendizer, Sindibad, Jongar

  14. khalifa Says:

    www.UniversalCartoons.Com ALL Arabic Cartoons from the 80s

  15. Malek Dagamseh Says:

    Hi all ,,, i do have grendiezer and ( Adnan wa lena ) in arabic if any one intrested to buy them just send me an email

  16. Ariana Says:

    Hi there,I was really glad 2 find this website;I’ve been a great fan of Grandizer 2! :) I’m not Arab,but can understand & speak Arabic.I was interested in watching Arabic animes;they did help me alot in learning more about the language.I was searching 4 some sites about the theme songs of the animes & the search brought me here.I’ve found another good site 2,will put the link here 4 those who r interested in downloading the clips & songs.

  17. Mohamad Says:

    it s the best movies i have saw and i wish ho have the songs of jongar or sasuki or grendayzer in arabic to send it to me plz

  18. Belal Says:

    Tell me about it.. Grendayzar, adnan wa lina ( my 3 year old watching it eagerly right now ), Flona.. ifta7 ya semsem.. all these and more you can find them in this website:

  19. elias Says:

    Is there anybody who can tell me where I could find an arabic copy of the motorsport anime “ALJAEZA ALKOBRA” ?

  20. alaa alsenan Says:

    i rember one i was 7 years i entered the room where my brother 14 ,uncle 18 and cousin 15, they were crying while watchin one of the last & sad episodes and i laguhed at them and they cloberd me, man at that day i know that this cartoon was special. though i found out the hard way.

  21. Giulio Says:

    I am an Italian 32 young man, we in Italy grew up with Grendizer (Goldrake here in Italy), I was at an exposition the other day all about Japanese Robots and of cours Grendizer was the main attraction.
    I bought an action figure for about 300 euros, and that’s a lot of money believe me. I have everything about him, books, cd’s, dvd’s and a lot more.
    It was very big here in the early 80’s and it was with all of us childhood, we will never forget him.

  22. Hanibaal Says:

    hi i would like to have adnan wa lena dvd and grendizer dvd i was a great fan and i want my children in the future to see them too…. how can i get them….plz contact me on my email

  23. fatima Says:

    for a long time i have been looking for some arabic classic children’s cartoons. I am particularly looking for Adnan wa Lena, Grendizer, Reemy (a doblajed cartoon), Bashaar (the honey bee!) and probabley Sindbad el Bahry.
    if any of you can help me with where I can find them, probably a reliable website of such cartoons, then that would be cool mmm!

    my brother is going to Dubai in the next few days, I was wondering if any one knows a shop in Dubai that sells such cartoons?! please


  24. mahmoud Says:

    now…i’m 23 years old but still…i can’t forget that flying robot and the first episodei watched….i was 4 years old…..

  25. Karim Says:

    Hello to all,

    Great memories, I have two children, a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old girl and I want them to experience the same memories I had in the late 70’s and 80’s.

    Arabic ‘dubbed’ cartoons form the following below where among my favorites:
    Flona, Sindibad, Sandybelle and Adnan Wa Lina

    Has anyone brought any from the following sites and where they quality any good, I am worried if I purchased them, the quality would be bad.


  26. Hussein Says:

    Hi everyone. I want to tell you that iam a grendizer fan but in reality my favorite cartoon is JAZEERAT AL KANZ. i had all its episodes and others like grendizer, sindibad, raad al imlaq etc.. by the way i have the grendizer Cd soundtrack.

  27. Ariana Says:

    Hi friends,
    I’ve been searching alot 2 find the theme song of Voltron in Arabic,but couldn’t actually,if any of u know about a site through which I can download it,plz let me know,vwry many thx in advance.

  28. Nafi Says:

    Dear all,

    I was and still a big fan of Grendizer cause I had watched it when I was 4 years old and I hope to find a complete episodes (1-74) of the famous cartoon series.

    To all of you who loved watching grendizer. check out this link, and download the trailer.

    Best regards

    Nafi Wedie
    Baghda Iraq

  29. w.zaki Says:

    I am IN NEED!!!
    Do you have any of the Following(all in arabic):

    Faress el shoja3(boxing series)
    lolo al saghira
    Zeina wa na7ool
    al amira yakoot

    anyway if any one has any of the above movies
    i WILL buy from them right away.

    please contact
    or call +20122263008


  30. Selwan Says:

    Oh my god. I love grendizer and when I saw the pictures of grendizer for the first time since 13 years I was short for crying…..
    It was a nice time…..

  31. emma laris Says:

    Hi , I have lived most of my childhood with cartoons I loved and formed a big part of who I am today.
    adnan wa lina, zina wa nahool, flona, al jaeza al kobra, spank, hiedi, katoli, tom sawyer, besma wa abdu.

    i also spent many months searching for these cartoons and found the same websites as quoted by others,
    is the best to find information about all the animes you can imagine. they will give dates of release, tv prodution companies and episode numbers.
    please let me know if you bought arabic anime from any websites that you recommend.
    thank you

  32. falah Says:

    salam all,

    I just bought Jazeerat al kanz, Grendizer, Iftah Ya Simsim from


    the quality was the best, service was a bit slow but the owner was very strait and honest about everything. That site is recomended Unlike with the worst quality ever they are all divix quality and is unreal with th e prices and the long website ….. just too much almost duble the price or even more thna trible the price.

    http://www.UniversalCartoons.Com get my vote

  33. falah Says:

    its also the same owner for :



    I asked him why the many names… he said just to make it easy for Arabs to remember them ….

  34. From the owner of Says:

    Salam Alikoum

    We are the owner of we Amine and Nasrine are based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

    We saw from our logs that many people where coming from here so we decided to leave a message to all of you :)

    Yes we truly exist and have started our business in 2002, we started selling Grendizer and 3dnan wa lina at 1st but now we have many different cartoons in arabic language.
    Grendizer quality is great.

    Thanks and we hope you will visit our website :)

    Amine and Nasrine :)

  35. Roula Says:

    Hi there all Arabic Cartoons fans.

    Here is 1 of the first website selling Arabic cartoons on DVDs & VCDs:


  36. لمياء Says:

  37. jamal Says:

    Yes in my childhood and untill now grendizer will remain always one of the best animes if not the best of all , the thing I saw what Wasim did and unfortunatly he messed up with the cartoon quite a lot as there is no copy rights for that cartoon at the moment so he changed the entire begiining and end of the original series putting one made by him which involved even putting his name??? and saying produced by wiseem , he also messed up with lots of episiodes putting things that does not exist like using his voice to say the episiode titles and eceb changing with the episoides it self cutting them down and putting some stuff that doesnt exist unfortunatly he just messed up with the original thing without realising

  38. Sara Omar Says:

    hey everyone:
    I have no idea how i came across your site, but i was searching for some way to find the old cartoon series “Jazirat Al kinz” do you guys know how i can get a hold of this series anywhere? too old i know, but would mean a lot to my husband, cause it brings back some sweet childhood memories for him. please let me know if any of you can find that out.

    Thank you greatly :)

  39. Victor Says:

    Esta serie de GRENDIZER nunca la dieron en EL SALVADOR porque unicamente recuerdo que solamente pasaron los 94 episodios de MAZINGER Z hasta donde llega GREAT MAZINGER con Tetsuya, pero nunca dieron a GRENDIZER mucho menos a MAZINKAISER

  40. Aya Says:

    I have realy bad experince with They very slow , and the quality of the produt is terrible to say the least? anysimilar experinces with this particualr website ?

  41. Moheb Soliman Says:

    Count me in guys cause you conjured up my dear memories in Kuwait in the early 80s, I’m now in the United States but I still vividly remember those days and Wasim Ismael by the way is not the only merchant on the net that sells this series, there is a whole host of them you can hardly tell who’s the best, and I’m still looking for the Grendizer arabic magazines that I used to read back then, in the US or abroad, any help?

  42. J.B.S Says:

    I have one thing to say, the theme song for Grendaizer has helped me out in almost everything in my life.Sung beautifully by the great musician Mr.Sami Clarck. I have a 2 year old who just loves to sit and watch with me and my wife all the grendizer epsiodes.
    I am a teacher and i teach kids around 12 - 13 year old. I was so amazed to have these arabic kids that grew with obviously and luckily arab parents have never watched grendizer or heard of it. So i dropped all the course and we did grendizer month (im a media/art/it teacher) and we did a gallery of grendizer pics and theme songs that my students exctracted from vcr to computer. We did lots of powerpoint movie and presentations to storyboards of episodes the kids wanna see done. The kids boys and gilrs all felt the same adrenalin rush i as a kid felt when the theme song opened or when daisky said ra3d el fadaa or al razzat el mouzdawija. God it made me and the kids feel like we belong to the golden era long gone and replaced by ridiculous cartoons that vegetate the young minds such as cow-chicken or whatever.
    thanx to see peoople feel the same way i feel. thanks.
    i guess next year it could be ra3d el 3imlak or sanchero.
    Its amazing to see how being in love with a cartoon many people regard as stupid(lack of vision along with everything else) can be placed into reall life sort of a cross curriculum fuse of art and knowledge along with nostalgia to come up with an amazing end of year project that all parents love to watch and see. Last note the parents that went to watch the Grendaizer exhibition are almost 30 yrs old, I saw them as 10 year old. thier expressions were one of a person that saw the best thing in his life. and truthfeully grendaizer is nothing shoort of the best. thanx for the blog. it rules

  43. Humeid Says:


    42 comments on the Grendizer article. The last one by JBS was really amazing. My 7 year old kid also liked the episodes I showed him and now wants to see all of them. But doing a course for school based on Grendizer is a very clever idea. I just wish we were told in what school/country this was done..

    It’s also good to see Arab parents and children being able to share this. My parent’s Generation didn’t really understand all this stuff.

    I am happy to see so many animation fans reading 360east.

    Thanks for everyone’s participation

    Ahmad Humeid

  44. J.B.S Says:

    your blog is nothing short of amazing.

    Its a great way to really pay tribute to our generation that no one wants to or even trys to understand.

    I would like to see also other people try different sorts of stuff and be involved in the society by trying to revive the feelings of ultimate acts of goodness that was known about our generation and is lost by random acts of violence that our kids see today on tv. People say Grendayzer is bad and violent. How about ren and stimpy, violence without a cause. Only the difference is Grendaiazer was about goodness and protection of the human race.

    Grandizer can bring us all together and really make a difference. All it takes is touch the life of one little boy or girl and the rest is history. That person maybe the next president that would really make that difference. Yes we are looking for an inspired leader. Frankly speaking there is no leader that is inspired.

    We can and will make the difference. Sorry for going long but I believe everyone should read this.

    A great blog you have. Job well done.

  45. Ali Says:

    Guys, I am a pakistani and in US studying for my doctorate. I was a kid when i saw Grendaiazer and Adnan wa Lena in Riyadh. I still remember these series and i was wondering if I can purchase the series from somewhere. Please let me know if anyone has any information.

  46. Dalya Says:

    hello there i wanted to congratulate u for that great website and to ask u if there is anyway i can find the soundtrack of arabic cartoons(grendizer,jongar…) i just need the songs not the cartoon!

  47. Firas Says:

    Hi people
    you really get me back to life with all the old memories in such a period of time.
    I didn’t expect to find such crazy people like me fund of Grendizer,even if i’m at late twinties but i was sparked by the pic at the top.
    Thanx guys and keep up the cool old memories.

  48. Ahmed Says:


    Guys im trying to decide who to buy from.

    So far: - very expensive+unknown quality(although they claim they are the best quality) and no replies prices but unknown quality prices unknown quality but appears more professional with proper labelling etc

    None of them can show their quality and dont have any samples. Has anyone tried these? Whats your verdicts?

    Thnx yall!

  49. mohssine Says:

    rien ne vaut les cartoons des années 80 que se soit grendizer ou arrajoulou lhadidi ;y’avait aussi raad al imlak;khoumassi……..etc
    maintenant tout change en des trucs pas terribles je note aussi que nous aussi on change car l’enfance n’est pas du tout comme la maturité!!!ciao

  50. emma Says:

    hi girls and guys
    it is simple, there are websites that you can down load these once loved cartoons of our childhoods,
    i downloaded adnan wa lina, excellent quality, grendizer by wassim!! good quality..sindibad, and many more.


    for the best encyclopedia of all the animes we love.

    also check http;// for a dictionary of all the arabic cartoon names into english so you can search for them in other english websites i.e. anime news network.

    has anyone ever bought swan lake anime ? please let me know or little mermaid anime,

    check these sites for info and pictures

    http// littlemermaid/miscl.htm

    all the best

  51. Ahmed Says:

    EMMA thats AWESOME!!!

    Ive been looking for a website that actually had the cartoons available for download.

    Are there any more that you know of?

  52. sahar Says:

    u know on dubai tv arabic i watch sindibad but i really got bored of it bec they keep reply it again and if u can put one of those instead of fucking sindibad

    adnan wa lena
    but i like sally the most …lol

  53. ceawlene Says:

    i wud like 2 know if there is an anime shop in dubai….

  54. audifan Says:

    I just wanna ask you guys about a Japenese animation which was about a small robot controlled by a young boy and that robot fought with other robots. I watched in kuwait and it was in late 80’s

  55. Sabri Says:

    Hi audian,
    I think that you’re talking about Ra3d al Emlak, رعد العملاق .


  56. Mohamed Says:

    Hi guys
    please i just want to see the final Episode of Grendizer i have saw all of the series when i was child but i couldn’t see the fanal one,can any one of you help me to make my wish true please

  57. Walid Ch Says:

    It is a shame how our OWN people are taking advantage of our nostalgia for Grandizer, adnan wa lina, al rajjoul al hadidi and other titles, and using this need to make more money!

    They are selling the set of dvds for 60$ and above! another case were we arabs have proved our love of stealing each other and sucking the blood out of our brothers’ veins if we had the chance to!

    I have 2 Jongar and 2 Sindibad VCDS and I dont have but those, I reside in Lebanon and I’m willing to give a copy for free to anyone living in Lebanon.

    Arabs will hopefully learn how to share, one day, instead of being greedy for more and more money.

    No offense we’re all Arabs here.

  58. Abdulaziz Says:

    Hello, I’m the owner of and I do offer the NEST quality and the UNCUT versions of all Arabic Cartoons on DVDs. Samples can be provided for FREE for each person as long as the customer pays the shipping charges. Thank you.

  59. Abdulaziz Says:

    *Correction “THE BEST QUALITY”

  60. Nour Says:

    Hello, i have all grendizer episodes on CD’s, the quality is real good and i can copy the CD’s for free and send them to anybody who wants them, you can only send me the money for the blank CD’s and shipping depending on your location, i love what you all wrote and i understand your feelings i felt the exact same way when i was looking for them and i cannot describe how happy i was when i got them and will be even happier if i gave them to everybody to whom having this series will make a difference. Email me if you want them

  61. audifan Says:

    “I just wanna ask you guys about a Japenese animation which was about a small robot controlled by a young boy and that robot fought with other robots. I watched in kuwait and it was in late 80’s ” . That is sanshiro, I just downloaded the 27 episodes

  62. Alaa Says:

    hi everybody,
    i’m looking for Grandizer and Adnan wa lina, anybody have them for sale? dvd please. this is my email

  63. Mana Says:

    I am intending on buying Grendizer( arabic) on DVD , so which website you all recommand to me

  64. Memories!!! Says:

    What was the name of that cartoon which had an old battleship which tries to save the earth from an Alien ship which couldn’t be destroyed because it had an indistructable shield. I think it was shaped like a sphere, and I think Earth built five “andromedas?” which were state of the art of ships to try and defend the Earth, but failed, and it was the humble old ship that saves the Earth by pointing its weapon “madfa3 al mawjat lol, that’s sad that just came back to me as i was typing this message” at the bottom half of the alien sphere, which didn’t have a shield, and it managed to save the Earth in the end, does this ring any bells at all? I can’t be the only one to have watched this arabic cartoon, I would love someone to put me out of my misery and remind me what the title of it was. Thanks for a fantastic post!!!

  65. Memories!!! Says:

    I have found out what it is…after several hours searching, it’s called Star Blazers!!!!! Hurrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh the memories….

  66. Maen Says:

    Amazing how many people like grendizer , im really shocked ! my favorite cartoon is “Jazeerat el Kanz” which is maybe the best story ever told , but i also love grendiser , jongar (Astroganger) , Al rajol al 7adeede , Rimi , adnan wa leena , haidi , and zeina wa na7ool .

    I also own the collection of “Grendaiser” (complete) , Jazeerat al Kanz (Complete) and adnan wa leena (complete) , if anyone wants these u can borrow them from me , i am a lebanese guy living in KSA , e-mail me on it would be nice to meet people who love japanese anime , great blog over here especially humeid and JBS posts :)

  67. Ramzi Says:

    Hello all,
    I watched these cartoons in arabic and Italian (I was living in Tunisia until 18). Grendizer (Goldrake), Jazeerat el Kanz (Isola del tesoro), Sinbad, Mazinger (Mazinga Z), Al Jaeza Al Kobra and Pepero Anassr Dahabi are not only something I liked, but they are part of me. Although I am 32, I am always about to cry every time I see one of these episodes. The music of Pepero affected me so much, that 5 years ago I went to Bolivia to learn to play the pan flute (that was more than 20 years after watching Pepero!!!). Thank you guys for all your comments, I am so happy to know I am not the only weird person… I live in London now and if any of you wants to have a drink sometime, I will be more than happy to meet. My email is and my number is +44 7766963281. So, let me know if you are around! Ciao!

  68. shaker Says:

    hello everyone, GRANDIZER was the greatest animated series of all time, i remember when i was a kid i used to watch it, and get very into it and into the charechters that have inspired me with their courage and peace that they give to the world, here i grow up and i make friends and i end up being very close to 3 of my friends who we call our group now, The GRANDIZER UNIT, peace out from shaker in ottawa , canada, to all the arabs in the world, peace on us, yala salam

  69. Vassil Roussev Says:

    I am so excited that I can’t find the right words to express what I feel now…….I just saw the pictures from the Grendizer … after 25 years. Yes 25 yrs. I am 34 from Europe. I lived with my parents in Libia for 4 yrs when i was 6-10. That’s when I started watching Grendizer with my brother and all our friends. For me this is the best cartoon ever. I’ve been trying to find some information about the Grandizer for such a long time…….I am so excited and happy now. Please if somebody knows how I can find Grendizer on dvd , preferablly in English let me know. My e-mail is

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