Mahmood Essaid, New York : This is a beautiful site to visit often with a beloved friend.
Kheiry Y. Amr, UK : was fortunate to have known Khalid Shoman and was deeply touched by his humanity, humility, and kindness. His memory lives on and his large spirit leaves a lasting impression on all who knew him.
Ziad Dalloul, Paris : Un trs beau site.
Iyad Ishaq Quttaineh, UK : He is and will be greatly missed.
Shadi Salah, Australia : I just have the honor to be born on 13/october. At least I share something with such a great person (Khalid Shoman).
Aaron White, USA : This a beautiful site, a wonderful presentation of information.
Nadia Naghuj, Amman : A beautiful site.
Walter Klepetko, Austria : This great man deserves a monument like that. A place where all he impressed by his unique character can meet him again.
Mohammad & Rania El Merhebi, Lebanon : To Khalid, a great man who was always giving endlessly. You are cherished and carried in our hearts forever.
Ahmad Abu Shelbayeh, US : Hes one of the greatest in the world. Khalid Shoman, Im proud to be a Palestinian because of you.
Kurdt Kobain, Singapore : A legacy who deserves recognition.
Khalid Al Alami, Bahrain : It is very nice site for loyalty to late Khalid Shoman.
Ibrahim M. Al-Qaisi, Jordan : This is a great site for a great man who kept giving all the way long till the end of his life, I heard many stories about this great man, and this site gather them all. May God bless his soul.
Elaine Hoo, New York : A wonderful and beautiful site for a wonderful and generous man.
Salah Abu Shaar, Jordan : A very beautiful site that such a great person deserve.
Adila Ladi-Hanieh : What a beautiful, complete, elegant, and diverse web site. A fitting tribute to a man who has contributed so fully to the life of Jordan, Palestine & the Arab world, through banking/finance, institution building, support for free thought, & support for the arts. His life is an exemplary symbol of the success of Palestinians despite the Nakba, through hard work and dedication.
Muntaser M. Shashtari, Jordan : Mr. Khalid Shoman is not a loss for banking sector only but for humanity, kindness and generosity.
Hala H.Sadek, Egypt : A lovely sight for a great man who will never be forgotten.
Management & Staff of Arab Bank (Switzerland) : We miss Khalid's support and wise judgement. His outstanding personality and notable achievements will always be remembered.
Pierre and Patricia Bikai, U.S / Jordan : We miss his smile and all the good that went with it. How wonderful to see it here.
Fayez Abu Awad, Canada : Great web site. Very impressive.
Maysa Abdin, Jordan : Although I missed the chance of meeting such a great man but the achievements he left will keep him in our memories forever.
Henry, Indonesia : Sight that sees but never dream, arm of hope will never die...
Mohamed Al-Zawawi, Jordan : A great man who left his fingerprints in our lives can never be forgotten.
khalidhuzir, Singapore : came to know the late Mr. Khalid Shoman through the Singapore press, I view that he was a positive, progressive, hardworking and kind man that is difficult to find in this world from the 'established' category. May Allah bless his soul, Amin.
Joys, U.S : In today's world, we have all kinds of training for leaders. Yet leaders everywhere around the world can learn what true leadership is all about from Mr. Khalid Shoman's life. Leaders can be only be true leaders when they're willing to look beyond themselves and be willing to impact others with their life of kindness, love, generosity, and benevolence.
Dr. Bassam Saket, Jordan : Mr. Khalid Shoman, Abu Omar not only his deeds have enriched our life, but also planted fruitful seeds for others hopefully, to follow. No doubt he was not alone. His wife Suha was sharing his thoughts and supportive. To date I dearly recall with great pride, yet with sorrow, the departure of my brother-in-law Khalil Talhouni, who, together with Khalid left us a legacy of achievments that will remain live. Dwight Morrow once advised his son in 1931 (the world is divided into people "Classes" who do things, and people who get the credit. Try to belong to the first class for there is far less competition). Memories of Khalid are lasting, May Allah the Almighty bless his soul.
Mahmoud Shahrouri, Jordan : great site that such a great person deserve, May God bless his soul.
Rania Louzi, Jordan : Khalid Shoman's life is very impressive, he was a great person, his father was also a great man, I have only to say that "when the roots are deep, success certain" and that's the life of Shoman's family, I am sure that their generation will keep on the same principles to keep reading their continuos success.
Eyad Shukairy, Jordan : Khalid was so special in so many ways. I admire this site, and the dedication behind, it to keep memories alive.