Daoud Kuttab, Jordan : I never had the privilege of meeting Khalid Shoman, but heard a lot about him from my wife, Salam, who worked for him at the Arab Bank. I also knew about Mr. Shoman from Arab artists and the staff of the Shoman Foundation. From everything I heard about him, Khalid Shoman was ahead of his time and his absence is a loss to the Arab Bank, to Arab Culture (for which he was a great contributor) and to the Palestinian cause.
Maan(jafar) Askari, UK : in memory of khalid for all his achievements as visionary, banker ,business leader and distinguished human being- we will remember khalid most for his adventurous spirit, his sense of fairness and the vigor of his friendship- we mourn his passing but will be forever grateful that he lived. khalid was indeed a renaissance arab in an age of darkness.
Schmidt, Wilfried, Germany : Wilfried und Helga Schmidt: This website honours adequately Khalid Shoman as the unique great personality he was. We will always remember the singular Khalid, his sincere cordiality and serenity, his integrity and empathy. Khalid, we miss you and your smile. We will keep you in our memories forever.
Hassan Al-Husseini, Lebanon : I first met Khalid in the early 50's when he was on his way to Chase for his training. Since then I've met him on and off through the years and always admired his dedication, honesty, and love for the Arab Bank. Indeed we shall miss him. May God bless his soul.
Nijood Abdul Ahad, Jordan : I sadly feel that I missed a lot by not meeting you Mr. Khalid. It is always an added richness to one's life to meet such a genuine person like you. May God rest your soul in peace. You will always be remembered by so many friends & people.
Massoud A. Derhally : Ahead of his time as was his vision for the Arab Bank.
Fayza Sharabi, Jordan : Mr.Khalid Shoman carried throughout his life a human message second to none.He positively touched all those who had the good fortune of knowing him or working with him.He was a teacher, a leader and above all a friend to his subordinates.We shall always remember him. He was a beacon of work and hope which made him indispensable for us all.
Marwan and Angelika, Berlin : When you call Khalid back, please tell him that never in my life have I ever heard such a warm and touching voice.This is what Angelika once told me when I returned home, having missed his telephone call.
Iyad Kanan, Amman : It was amazing that we have the chance to know all that history of success and support to economy and culture
Abed El Kader Bakhit, Sudan : we have all pleasures to live the great history of a great man who supported Arabic culture and economy
Hussein Shalan, Jordan : It's my honor to say that Khalid Shoman was one of great men that participate in pushing culture in Arab world to what we see now.
Mousa Ali Abu Salem, Jordan - Irbid : there are so beautiful things
Yousef Ahmed, Qatar : I have visited this est. to admire the effort of the man and his thought
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, Egypt : In this country only men like him can lead to the future centuries with success
Hasan Al Mulla, Qatar : To the heaven he is marching with glory
Fadi Daoud, Jordan : you can be here or there. but the most important is how to be.
Shadi Daoud, Jordan : good work to Jordan
Rania, Jerusalem : I found this place is the most wonderful in Amman
Hazem Nemrawi, Amman : very interesting
Zaher, Rami, Mustafa, and Mohammad Daher (grandsons of Sheikh Amin Daher), Jordan & Lebanon : We are also relatives of Sheikh Fuad al Khatib (who is originally
from Chhim, Lebanon), we were delighted to see his name on one of the houses at Darat al Funun, and we appreciate the special and sophisticated taste in the adaptive reuse of this complex and we also enjoyed this particular exhibition.
Issam, Amman : it is a very historical place and really i miss it coz i sabpse to be here long time back , thanks for all who done it , and wish them all all the best
Abdulkarim Ayoub, Jordan : Rahimaho allahh ....i hope to be like khaled shoman
Hadeel Sakkijha, Jordan : As an employee in the Islamic Int'l Arab Bank (one of the Arab Bank institutions) I would like to express my feelings of being proud to join such institution. thank you
Ibrahim Fahoum, Jordan : GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS
Rafa Nasiri, Iraq : every thing was perfect
Ziad Dalloul, Syria : C est une tres belle exposition.
Mona Deeb & Bill Lyons, Jordan : We are very touched by this exhibition. Thank you for inviting us to share it with you.
Hala & Ibrahim Fahoum, Jordan : To Khalid God bless you, you well always be in our hearts. May all
your loved ones be always blessed with wonderful memories of Khaled.
Munzer & Tarab Fahoum, Jordan : We loved you Khalid and we always well. God bless you.
Laith Lyons, Jordan : thank you

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