Mahdi F. Safa, Jordan : Great Job
Muhannad Al-Jazireh, Jordan : Amazingly design
Maria E Al Daoud, American/ Jordanian : To my student Aysha with love. I can never forget the great pleasure that I got from you as a student. God bless your father and keep him with him in heaven. Miss Maria always. p.s. I still think that Spanish is the language to learn, siempre con amor.
Hiba Ghunaim, U.A.E : I wish to be successful like him.
Kathleen Clark, USA : An impressive tribute for an impressive man.
Elena Tognotti, Italy : Very interesting and modern presentation!!! MABRUK!
Karim Z. Ayoubi, Jordan : As a young Jordanian of Palestinian origin, I look proudly and read many books on past leaders that fought for the well being of their country in the most noble ways. Contributing to the Palestinian cause so generously is something I will never forget from the Mr. Khalid Shoman, and the Shoman Family at large. A true role model for myself and many generations to come. He is now somewhere closer to god, somewhere we would all like to be one day, especially after having such a productive life such as his. Karim 16/7/2002
Jasmine tyoan, Kuwait : its cool.. i like it a lot... hope to see more things like this in Amman while am here :)
Husam Salem, Palestine/Jordan : I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me and others to meet with my own culture in a deeper way...
Ali Sukhon, Amman : He was a successful in his life and i think that every body appreciates what he did
Thomas Dailey, United States : My sincere regrets at the loss of a friend who was such a gentle, kind and generous man.
Bouhadjar, France : bel endroit, une oasis dans la fournaise ammanite.
Andrea Mussa, Italy : very interesting
Afaf nimri, Jordan : beatitude for people that gave, and still living in our live, by their everlasting premises. it was wonderful to know more about you, great person still grant us with a lot of man wards word to continue such rude life
Tarik*, Bosnia and Herzegovina : Really nice exposition. I love Amman...
Maryum Saifee, USA : nice exhibit
David Loh, Singapore : A touching site and a great and wonderful tribute to a rare individual.
One that embodies so much kindness, love and every attribute that is good in a human soul. It must have been an honour for anyone lucky enough to have the priviledge of meeting him when he was alive. God bless his soul and his beloved family.
Michael and Heather McKinlay, UAE : We were pleased to have met him on a few ocassions and recognised in him his humanity, gentleness kindness and generosity. We feel that Khalid made a difference to this world.
James J Liu, Singapore : A true prince among men. Your kindness, generosity, and most of all,
your friendship will be in our heart forever.
Inea Bushnaq, USA : This website is 'love made visible.'
The outpouring of appreciation from all corners of the globe testifies to an extraordinary life.
According to my late father, Abdurrahman Bushnaq, who knew Khalid since he was a teenager and loved him like a son: "What makes Khalid rare is that he possesses
a brilliant intelligence. And not only that but a great heart to match." I remember most vividly Khalid's intensely dynamic presence and how he accompanied it with a relaxed, understated manner. Also, his readiness to be amused and to break into a smile.
Like everyone who knew Khalid I will not forget his kindness: his concern at the time of my father's death and his guidance when it was most needed.
Thank you, Khalid.