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  • ArabNet 2010, Day 1: the Arab web industry emerges

    Photos stolen from Andfaraway With a ballroom full of participants during all sessions, buzzing networking activity during coffee breaks, inspiring talks from both older web hands and young ones, startup demos from all over the region, not to mention very active tweeting and live blogging, we can say that day 1 of the ArabNet conference […]

  • ArabNet: Ten years late, the Arab web industry gets its conference

    Here is one of my favorite anecdotes about the Arab web industry: the web advertising spending of the whole Arab region, including the rich Gulf region and Saudi Arabia is less than the revenue of a single niche web marketing agency (which you never heard of) in Seattle where one of my friends works. Now […]

  • SYNTAX wins Jordan’s best website prize at the Jordan Web Awards

    Check this out: the sweat and tears (almost) that the SYNTAX (and Spring) team poured into the Amman Centennial website paid off in a new way. It was a nice surprise that we won the Jordan Web Awards best site of 2009 prize. But there’s a catch: the trophy was so damn heavy, my arm […]

  • How to swear in Arabic, using web and tech jargon!

    This video, the product of the “sick minds” at Kharabeesh was first shown at the Jordan Web Awards a couple of days ago. It was one of the highlights of the evening! So watch or I will RSS your face!

  • Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer on 360east

    [Click to enlarge] I haven’t looked at my site analytics for a while, so this evening I checked out some of my browser stats. It turns out that Firefox users (37% ) have overtaken Internet Explorer users (34%) on this site. So next time when some Microsoft-centric web developer gives you a site that only […]

  • I really like how the Combo4 lunch show is overlaid on

    Just opened during lunch time and finally saw the Combo4 overlay “live”.. Just thought to share this moment! Read these related posts on 360east: What to have for lunch? Combo4 from! Ground Zero Episode 2 out now on ATV: now on (no transmitters ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aljazeera Talk launches Video Talk with […]

  • Web freedom in Jordan shouldn’t be sacrificed because of a bunch of sleazy rumor spreaders

    Watch this video by Aramram. Many of us defending web freedom in Jordan are doing it because we care about the country’s development and the benefits of free speech online for society, for government, for Jordan’s international image and for business and investment. After 15 years of liberal internet policy in Jordan, it would be […]

  • Keeping Jordan’s web open and free

    One of the best things about Jordan is its liberal and open attitude toward the internet. In an Arab sea of restrictiveness (Lebanon is the exception) our open internet policy has enabled Jordanians to access all of the web (with the exception of one site: the US-based This openness says something important about how […]

  • What to have for lunch? Combo4 from!

    Everyday around lunch time, Combo4 takes over the menu on Expect a satisfying meal of funny, strange and sometimes shocking videos, with fries or a small salad. Enjoy. Read these related posts on 360east: I really like how the Combo4 lunch show is overlaid on It’s the final countdown.. Watch the end of […]

  • HM Queen Rania mentions use of Watwet in Le Web keynote as example of digital activism

    Last week my TootCorp partner Mazen and I had a great time attending Le Web, Europe’s largest internet conference. You can actually watch the entire conference on the video archives of Ustream, who where streaming the sessions live. The pace of innovation we witnessed around the real time web, social networks is just and mobile […]

  • Experience Amman and its story: the most comprehensive city history site ever

    It’s been a long time in the making, but now its here. Never before has Amman’s story been presented to its citizens and guest so vividly and comprehensively. It’s still a work in progress that Ammanis and their guest will complete in the coming months and years. I am talking about the Amman Centennial website, […]

  • Tweeting goes Arabic: Dubai Eye 103.8 and Business 27/7 cover

    This morning I woke up at 6 am Amman Time, be interviewed by Dubai Eye 103.8’s Business Breakfast show about Watwet .You can listen to the interview here. This comes hot on the heels of an interview that Emirates Business 24/7 did with Watwet CEO Kareem Arafat. With the Twitter hype going mainstream in the […]