Have your say about Amman's new logo
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Amman is getting a new logo in 2009. And all citizens are invited to take part in choosing their favorite design.

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is publishing the above advert in today’s newspapers, inviting everyone to head down to Al Hussein Cultural Center to have a look at an exhibition of a number of options for Amman’s new logo.

So what’s all of this about?

Well, it definitely about more than a “new logo”..

For the past few months, we at SYNTAX have been extremely immersed in the Branding Amman project which we have been honored to have be awarded, after we competed with international and local branding companies in a tender.

This project will result in a new brand for Amman: a new communication identity and a new attitude which is hoped to be embraced by the city and its citizens, first and foremost, but which also will play a role in creating a stronger impression and better communication with the city’s visitors, potential tourism markets and the business sector.

Hundreds of citizens from all walks of life have been interviewed for this project, as we set on a journey that took us through Amman’s hills and history as well as its contemporary reality and its future aspirations. We had the most interesting talks with so many insightful Ammani characters: people who love Amman, but who also are able to critically dissect its identity. We talked to the young and old. We met people from the four corners of Amman. We read the writings of poets, novelists, historians, architects, anthropologists and bloggers.

We took photos. We designed logos. We created typefaces..

Amman is a city that is under-appreciated and under-exposed. Its amazing story of growth from 3000 people a hundred years ago to almost 3,000,000 people today has not been told enough. We discovered that we, Ammanis, hardly know our city. And while Amman’s diversity, contrasts, openness, homeliness, stability, relative ease and its people’s resilience and spirit of initiative (not to mention its unique topography, weather, architecture and nature) can form a vibrant collage and a potentially pioneering “city brand”, there are forces of urban fragmentation, carelessness and weakness of a public spirit that need to be overcome if we want this city to truly fulfill its potential.

Telling Amman’s story, strengthening public space/public transport/public participation, and instilling a “citizen first” attitude in GAM services and communication are the strategic tools that will bring Amman’s city brand to life.

Throughout 2009, GAM will roll out the new logo and visual language across the city. We will see it on buses, on the streets, on buildings, on posters, on trash cans, on uniforms..

But this is not just the logo of GAM, but a new symbol for Amman and Ammanis. It is an icon that can stand for a renewed spirit of public engagement and a rediscovery of Amman’s pioneering urban spirit.

That’s why GAM (and we at SYNTAX) urge you to come down to Al Hussein Cultural Center in Ras al Ain this week and be a part of choosing the new logo for Amman.

So head to downtown now. Take your friends, your kids, your family, your guests and tell us what you think..

Help us choose Amman's new logo



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28 responses to “Branding Amman: Have your say about Amman’s new logo”

  1. mab3oos Avatar

    I wish there was a way, for us expats, to view and have our say and opinions voiced out online.

  2. Dave Avatar

    I wish I were there to vote. I guess I’m just happy that they are finally getting rid of that green and yellow monstrosity.

  3. Hameed Avatar

    Just what I came here to say…. :)
    Post the designs online and let us have our vote.

    Getting down to Ras el-ein isn’t “cost effective” :)

  4. Nadine Avatar

    no online?

  5. Jad Avatar

    Aha, the first one in the left is ME gazing Amman!

  6. Jad Avatar

    please remove my last comment, I’m going to blog about it with a trackback instead :-)

  7. The Observer Avatar
    The Observer

    I am so happy to know that they picked you guys for the branding! That is an excellent job. I am excited about the outcome!

  8. Nas Avatar

    i’ve never been super-hyped nor super-convinced with the whole idea of branding cities, people, or countries. it seems like such a corporate thing to do. i understand its importance in the contemporary world, yet, it’s still not something that appeals to me completely on the level it’s supposed to. that being said, this is a case that does peak my interest a bit for the simple reason that I would like to see what the super-creative people at syntax have come up when it comes to branding a city whose identity is as diverse as Ammans’. and the very fact that you guys are allowing the public to decide is telling. people need to feel connected to the city in every way possible. even in its branding.

    and i agree, it should be put online for us elitists :-P

  9. Catalyst Avatar


    Emm, Just a thought…

    Do we have to come up with a completely new logo? or is it possible that the old (green & yellow) one be evolved somehow, its like changing a country’s flag, when you can just improve it…I don’t think the yellow and green logo is that bad.

  10. Toujan Avatar

    I join my voice to those who are requesting an opportunity to vote from abroad. Have interviewed ammanis who live outside Amman? Zoomerang or survey monkey may serve the purpose. This is very exciting. Good luck!

  11. Humeid Avatar

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. We are totally excited about this..

    We really thought about putting the design options online, but ended up deciding against it. The reasons are below..

    There are a number of activities we are using to solicit input from people. The exhibition is only one of them.

    We are conducting surveys across Amman. We held focus groups. The Amman City Council was shown the options (one newspaper MISTAKENLY reported that an option was chosen). There are a number of opinions and directions to balance. This is not just a “vote”.

    Online voting is prone to fraud and abuse from people who treat it as a joke.

    We really want people to come to a civic event, see the exhibition and submit an opinion (with a chance to comment on their favorite option).

    Lastly we didn’t want to have all the designs perpetuating online as this will create confusion after a the final logo is chosen (after being developed in response to feedback).

    If you live outside Jordan, please leave me a comment here. We might be able to arrange for sending you the designs individually by email and get your response. We will do our best to make this happen.

    For you living in Amman.. see you downtown :-)

  12. Ghadeer Khoury Avatar
    Ghadeer Khoury

    I live abroad and would like to participate.. Looks interesting.. Good Luck.

  13. Dave Avatar

    Is that Jad Madi in one of those pictures on the ad?

  14. mab3oos Avatar

    thats understandably logical. I would love to see the designs emailed to me. Thanks in advance!

  15. dalia Avatar

    ana ana please :)

  16. Ayyoub Arsalan Avatar
    Ayyoub Arsalan

    I read on facebook that there will be a new logo, I wanted to participate/vote for the new brand, however how I can do that if I am living abroad?

  17. Nash Avatar

    wallahi raw3a … I hope that Iam there to vote .
    Iam one of those outside Jordan and who like to participate .

    Question : the logo will be chosen according to this voting or ?

  18. Tala Avatar

    me too, add me to the list. Thanks :)

  19. Yazan Avatar

    Congratulations Ahmad! Please send me the logos by email. Would love to participate.

  20. Ibby Avatar

    Finally, a new logo! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    One question: Will the logo be made of bread and can it be used to feed Amman’s poor?

  21. Abu Sasha Avatar
    Abu Sasha

    I am Jordanian but currently live in the United States. I would be interested to see the design of the Amman logo

  22. Deena Avatar

    Please add me to the email list. Thanks!

  23. Fadi Haddad Avatar
    Fadi Haddad

    Hi! I’d like to participate please send me the logos by email!

  24. Yazan Avatar

    I am a Jordanian sutdying in the UK!
    Can you please send me the logos! I would LOVE to see them.

  25. Nara Avatar

    add me to the mailing list :)

  26. Toujan Avatar

    me too, I’d like to participate if possible. Email would be great – a ticket to Amman would be even better ;)

  27. Rawan al-Damen Avatar
    Rawan al-Damen

    I think it’s great, Jordan is evolving brilliantly and developing rapidly, we as Jordanian citizens couldn’t be more proud to take part in an amazing cause, I think everybody should participate, its awesome: p

  28. Amer jar. Avatar
    Amer jar.

    This is great, an online voting could have been a very good step. I am very happy at the rapid development of amman this is really great! although we have a lot ahead but I am sure jordanians can do it ! :)