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“Creativeness”. I didn’t even expect this word exists in the dictionary. But it does. I thought it was a mis-derivation invented by one of my SYNTAX colleagues. BTW: “mis-derivation” does not exist in the dictionary.

I am too tired to blog. But Roba Assi is not. She documented the “creativemess” on display in our office in a “low quality” photo essay entitled: “Sorry for Disturbing Your Creativeness”. Have a look.



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2 responses to “On “Creativeness/Creativmess””

  1. kinzi Avatar

    I confess, that the use of that word created such grammatical confusion for me I had to look it up. I was SURE ‘creativity’ was a better choice. But no, Roba was spot-on as usual, and probably increased traffic due to such a word. BUT, creative-mess was a good description of some of the artistic offerings!

  2. Bardees Avatar

    yaaa I really enjoyed the photos in Roba’s blog when I checked it yesterday, and I also thought the exact same thing, that it’s supposed to be creativity not creativeness but it exists :D