While doing some searching on the web, I chanced upon a very low budget (no budget!) video that I created for the Immedia 2004 conference. This is something I even blogged about in the early days of 360east.

I watched the video with amusement. A number of familiar faces are featured. It also features a number of Ammani “urban” locations, as we shot in Jabal Amman, downtown and Shmeisani’s culture street.

It’s hard to believe 5 years have passed!

Anyway I uploaded the video on Ikbis.com, just for fun, and to test their new YouTube upload feature, which allows you to upload on Ikbis and Youtube at the same time.

Maybe I should start a “blasts from the past section” on 360east.. Then again, maybe not. :-)

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2 responses to “A video from 2004.. I can’t believe half a decade passed!”

  1. Ali Avatar

    That was a very nice video, Good work dude.

  2. omar maani Avatar
    omar maani

    Helo Ahmad. Go for another one 5 years later
    Omar Maani