The web is abuzz again with Apple rumors. It really seems that the long rumored Apple iTablet will finally see the light of day. Most predictions about the device seem to be describing an oversize iPod Touch.

It is clear that the success of the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store has been amazing. I mean.. show me another mobile platform with 50,000 applications created in one year.

But do I need a big iPod Touch? It just seems illogical to me. With a 10 inch screen, the iTablet (or whatever it will be called) can be more that that.

So here is my wish list for the Apple iTable.

1. It should run BOT the iPhone OS and the MacOS. Yes, I want to run Adobe Photoshop on it! And it would be a waste to have a 10” screen which only runs the iPhone OS.
2. It should accept USB keyboards and a mouse, but also feature a good onscreen keyboard.
3. It should feature a front facing camera.
4. It should have decent video out capabilities and easily connect to larger screens and TVs.
5. 3G or Wimax data support would be great.
6. A user replaceable battery please!

That’s it for now

I guess what I am talking about is a small, keyboardless MacBook with a touch screen.

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6 responses to “My wish list for Apple’s upcoming/rumored iTablet”

  1. Thaer Avatar

    My wishlist is if you install the wordpress wptouch theme
    would be great for the IPhone/PDA surfers

    this is not spam comment :-)

  2. mab3oos Avatar

    I am no genie, but I think this is what you’re looking for:

  3. Hana Tabbaa Avatar
    Hana Tabbaa

    Keefak Ahmad, well, my wish list at the apple store is toooo long, I stopped over there today….as for the touch screen have you checke out HP TouchSmart PC.

  4. Isam Avatar

    Or else it would result in : IRON BAR !

  5. Haitham Issam Avatar
    Haitham Issam

    Well It’s just a Macbook without the keyboard, and if it were a Macbook without the keyboard, I believe it’s going to be slick; just imagine an iPhone style pop-up full-scale qwerty that works just like a regular keyboard! Just forget about the replaceable battery, the Macbooks lost them and the this one will.

  6. Kulacom FTW Avatar
    Kulacom FTW

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    but many of you are dreaming of UNLIMITED internet in Jordan
    say bye bye to stupid orange
    i recommend Kulacom, they have by far the best services no interruptions great support, only Ping is high though
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