A flying robot..


An his creator..

Go Nagai: Creator of Grendizer

..are coming to Amman!!

Go Nagai, the man behind Grendizer is coming to Amman and giving two lectures.

7 October at 11 am at the Princess Sumaya University
8 October at the Royal Film Commission.

This is fantastic. Details here.

When I blogged about Grendizer five years ago, the amount of comments I got was overwhelming. In fact, that post is 360east’s 2nd most commented! I am definitely going.

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6 responses to “Grendizer creator Go Nagai coming to Amman!”

  1. jaraad Avatar

    This would be an interesting lecture. I am waiting to read your feedback about the lecture. It would be nice if all the grown up watched an episode of Grendizer during the lecture.

  2. Haitham Avatar

    oh shit! Yesterday I was remembering the lectures I used to attend at Sumaya =(

  3. bambam Avatar

    he also created mazinger and the hentai manga :D
    I wonder what is he going to screen as far as i know there is no new material

  4. Wissam Avatar

    I just hope he doesn’t have to lecture an empty room.

  5. Haitham Avatar

    Wissam, lecture an empty room? noway! Seems like u have never been to one of those Sumaya lectures!

  6. ALia Avatar

    I hope you make a post about the lecture after you see it.