Any name that starts with “Abu-something” and ends with a “ni” or “we” sound, might remind us of militants is Afghanistan.. But this Abu is different. Meet Abu Saleem the German-i. He may be no turbaned militant. But he has a bit of a beard. And he’s fighting for a cause: Environmental awareness in Jordan! Fantastic!

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8 responses to “Abu Saleem Al-Almani Al-Ammani”

  1. Ali Avatar

    I love him and i love who hired him!

  2. Muhammad Avatar

    Hehehe.. Amazing!

  3. abed_italy Avatar

    This man is fantastic! I want to meet him next time i come to Amman!
    3anjad Bulbul 3arabi…amazing!
    My mom came to Jordan 30 years ago and she is not able to speak arabic as him, even not a small part!

  4. Yanal Avatar

    Man this is great :D .. I specially loved that “OOPS!” thing hehe… Anyway this guy seems quite different and appears to be genuinely interested in improving environmental conditions in Jordan! Something that is rarely discussed in here by Ammanis..

    He’s got great personality and grabs your attention when he’s talking. Maybe he could do some show about environment on our local channel :D ? Time has come for media to do at least one useful thing!

    Thank you “Abu Saleem” for all your efforts! Keep them coming please :)

  5. Yanal Avatar

    I just watched the rest of the Video LOL!! I love this guy!! So funny and is a breath of fresh air, don’t know why :D ..

    Humeid where does he live hehe? Thinking of driving over with some friends to actually meet this abu saleem!

  6. Abu Saleem Avatar
    Abu Saleem

    Thanks Ahmad, for publishing this. And thanks to everyone for the great feedback. Tomorrow the next series is out…. check on

  7. Adnan Avatar

    I raise my hat for such characters.. I guess he makes all of us feel small and with no excuse for not supporting our local environments!

  8. Nadine Avatar

    The video is really interesting, do you by any chance know where exactly he works? Or where I can go to recycle paper in Jordan? I know this post isn’t exactly new, but I’d really appreciate a reply :)