Over the past few years, Ikbis.com has grown in size and in depth. Ikbis Channels, in particular, have been multiplying in number and are being used by a wide variety of users and organizations: from people sharing a an interest to global broadcasting organizations reaching out to Arab audiences.

Here are 6 examples of what I am talking about.

Student assignment

German Jordanian University teacher Rusaila Bazlamit give her communication students an assignment on new media, in video format. Students are supposed to upload their work as video replies to the assignment.

How to

Ikbis media crazy professor Mike Derderian has started a “How to” series. Here he shows you how to create a simple kaleidoscope for/with your kids.

Deutsche Welle

Germany’s state broadcaster has started posting its video on Ikbis.com. Here is an episode focusing on Arab-European youth dialogue.

Ikbis on Nourmina

The Ikbis show on Nourmina, one of Jordan private satellite TV stations has been met with enthusiastic viewer reactions. The show features a weekly selection of great user-generated content and other viral video clips, presented by Ikbis’ multi-talented video man, Mohammad Jaradat.

Salam: Making of an Album

Salam, a Jordanian band, shares a “behind the scenes” look at the recording of their upcoming album.

Taalileh: Sri Lankan song

Taalileh is a community initiative that takes back the the Remal art center in Amman. It allows anyone a chance in front of a microphone and an audience. It’s totally eclectic: poetry, stories, music.. anything goes. This video features what I assume are two Sri Lankan domestic helpers in Amman, presenting a song about the loss of a mother.




3 responses to “6 interesting usages of Ikbis.com”

  1. Rula A. Avatar
    Rula A.

    How To is nice one.. and it is just like Howcast channel on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Howcast ,, which is one of my favorite channels to watch.. Aramram have that too..

  2. هيثم الشيشاني Haitham Al-Sheeshany Avatar
    هيثم الشيشاني Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Ikbis is a model for innovation indeed.
    They have evolved in such a rational & competitive way.

  3. super devoika Avatar
    super devoika

    Thanks Ahmad for the mention… Yesterday was the deadline for my students’ assignment… and they did submit some really interesting things… I’m happy we have ikbis… =)