Open City Urban Refuge
The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Jabal Luweibdeh will host the exhibition “Open City: Refuge Urbanism” which is part of the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2009-10 (IABR), opening today Sunday 18 July 2010, at 6 pm.

Refuge Urbanism (Part of the Diwan Collaborative Research Network, directed by Philipp Misselwitz & Can Altay) is an exhibition is curated by Jordanian architectural historian and critic Rami Daher. It presents the result of research by urban experts and considers the impact of refuge urbanism on four regional metropolises; each guided by a specific thematic focus:

Amman: Neoliberal Urban Management (edited by Rami Daher)
Istanbul: Living in Voluntary and Involuntary Exclusion
(edited by Eda Ünlü-Yücesoy, Tansel Korkmaz, Yasar Adanalı, Philipp Misselwitz & Can Altay)
Beirut: Mapping Security (edited by Mona Fawaz, Ahmad Gharbieh, & Mona Harb)
Cairo: Resilience – City as Personal Practice (edited by Dina Shehayeb
& Shahira Issa)

Alongside the exhibition there will be a parallel workshop entitled “Refuge Urbanism” that will take place on Monday, July 19, 2010 between 6 & 9 pm at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and will feature short presentations by Philipp Misselwitz, Rami Daher, Bas Princen, Ahmad Abu Khalil, & Raghda Butros.

There will also be an independent exhibition curated by Can Altay and Philipp Misselwitz, entitled Bas Brincen: Five Cities Portfolio
The Exhibition will run through August 18, 2010.

For contact information check the National Gallery website.

Open City Urban Refuge