Amman the Ffilm

From a message I sent Yanone, the designer of the FF Amman typeface after watching a preview of this film he created.

“Ok.. I just watched the entire film. On my iPad..

The film had a strange effect on me. Somehow it encapsulated my career and life for the last 10 years. It’s not just a film about the Amman font, but also about Amman itself, me, SYNTAX and the Amman Brand project.

You did something remarkable.

It is really a reflection of this comprehensive approach which was applied for the Amman brand project. And of course, we all come across as super design nerds!

Maybe this film will help me put a certain closure on a period of my life. It is the documentary that I never managed to make!

Very interesting confluence of stuff in here, my friend.”

Watch the film and read more about it..