It’s the first day of Eid al Fitr.. and also my birthday. It’s time for episode 8 of MixUp Arabia!!. Featuring the ‘laser dance scene’ music from Ocean’s Twelve, a funny ‘deleted’ audio scene from our friends at Play 99.6 and a Song For Free.. (Also see artis page on the Podsafe Music Network here.

Listen here in MP3 (9 min 21 sec/ 4.4 MB).

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17 responses to “MixUp Arabia episode 8 | Nov 3, 2005 | The Eid Cast!”

  1. Joe Kalis Avatar
    Joe Kalis

    Really nice blog, podcast and amazing articles on the Jordan times. It’s really enjoyable to read and your thoughts about the urban development are very close to mine. It would be great to hear from you and it would be an honor to meet you. I would like to add that episode 8 is really nice… and is there a way I can see previous podcasts because I didn’t know about your podcasts until I read an article about you on the web.

  2. mirachka Avatar

    Happy eid and happy birthday :) tc

  3. Isam Bayazidi Avatar
    Isam Bayazidi

    “It’s a nice butt” how hard could it be !

  4. natasha Avatar

    Happy birthday Ahmad and Happy Eid I enjoyed your podcast :-)

  5. Doodâ„¢ Avatar

    Good show man, and Happy Eid.

  6. Ammar Ibrahim Avatar
    Ammar Ibrahim

    Happy Birthday :) O kol saneh O inta Salem.

  7. Doodâ„¢ Avatar

    I really loved the ‘laser dance scene’ music from Ocean’s Twelve, so i looked it up, and got you the name of the French artist, and its title.
    It’s called “The A La Menthe” by Nikkfurie.
    It’s really really good, though the movie sucks.

  8. jameed Avatar

    fada7t il zalameh allah ysam7ak…

    habby birsday

  9. Firas Avatar

    That was a nice podcast…and great music BTW….keep it up :)

    Now how did u manage to get the “Oh,it’s a nice butt” thing? I’m curious u know!

  10. Hana Avatar

    Happy Birthday :) & Kol Sana Wa Anta Salem.
    I really like the music … will be waiting for the MixUp Arabia episode 9 …

  11. Mazen Avatar

    Happy birthday Ahmad. Wonderful podcast.

  12. Global Voices Online Avatar
    Global Voices Online

    From the Jordanian Blogosphere

    Jordanian Bedouin posing in one of Jordan’s vast deserts by Laith Majali
    With the occasion of Eid, a holiday celebrated bi-annually by over a billion Muslims, the Jordanian Blogosphere wishes everyone a happy and blessed Eid. Don’t mis…

  13. Nader Avatar

    Happy Eid and birthday :)

  14. nasimjo Avatar

    habby birsday vrum me az vell!
    still downloading the podcast, ill comment on it after i hear it, sound an interesting one!!

    Downloading …..

  15. mostafa Avatar

    Hey, very nice podcast. Happy Birthday and Happy Eid :-)

  16. Yazan Avatar

    Happy Eid Ahmad, and it’s a nice pod-cast :D Keep going…
    How hard it could be..
    a. It’s a nice butt
    b. It’s a night bud
    c. It’s nice bud

    Thank you Ahmad, Thankoo Blay 99 Boint 6 :)

  17. nasimjo Avatar

    I wana askur Balay nanti nan fasle sex for its nice interesting butt ;)

    AWESOME.. I Guess Lee wanted to kill the man at a moment,
    Heh ,, I saw those a play Sticker on Ajlun – Amman Bus even ;)
    I wonder what will happen if he will stop it, coz i’ve been with that bus a coupla times ;) & I’m trying to imagine it!
    6ale3 abushabab!?