I was interviewed by the BBC’s Five Live radio network in the UK 2 days ago about the reaction of Jordanian bloggers to the bombings and also about podcasting in the Arab world (or the lack thereof).

Roba (and far away) was also featured.

Listen here.

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3 responses to “360east featured on BBC Five Live”

  1. David Avatar

    Allow me to reiterate how much I hate streaming media. When I was in the States with my lovely 5Mbps connection, it was fine. Now that I’m stuck with Wanadoo’s so-called 1Mbps, it is abismal. Why can’t these people figure out that some of us would rather download the file in MP3 format? Obviously they’ve never heard of the portablability of the iPod.

  2. Omar Avatar

    Hey Congrats!
    I heard it on BBC, you deserve the recognition

  3. yasmin Avatar

    Speaking of arabic podcasts, and since you have one of the few arabic podcasters, why did you stop podcasting? and can we expect you to return to it soon?