Some 20 minutes ago I was out on our street with Salua and son Qais (aged 7). It was his first time to be awake past midnight. With sparklers in hand, we awaited the countdown. Their air around us was already full of the sounds of distant fireworks going off in Amman’s suburbs. Then, at exactly midnight, we were entertained for a few moments by a slew of fireworks in the sky, set off by someone across our suburb (thanks for the show, people!).

Our sparklers burned through.. And Qais witnessed 2005 fade away and 2006 being born, concluding a quiet, normal and warm family evening with my visiting inlaws.

Happy new year, dear website visitors, wherever you may be.. :)

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6 responses to “Happy 2006! The late 2000s have begun!”

  1. Lina Avatar

    Happy New Year Ahmad to you and your family :)

    This is exactly how we celebrated New Year’s, with my maternal uncles and fire works… actually that’s how everyone except me celebrated, I will remember new year 2006 as the special year I welcomed while sitting with my project partners finalizing the documentation ;)

  2. Khalidah Avatar

    Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  3. sabri Avatar

    happy new year to you 365 degrees

  4. Yazan Malakha Avatar
    Yazan Malakha

    Happy New Year Ahmad

  5. Hana Avatar

    Happy New Year, May it bring you and your family success, health and good luck.

  6. MMM Avatar

    Happy New Year :)
    May it be a great and successful year for you, your whole family and syntax :)