How do you know internet activism is taking root in Jordan? When the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature puts up a web site asking people to sign a petion against the amendment of the Agricultural Law. The amendment would allow the government to sell public forests to investors. Dangerous stuff.

Brough to my attention by Nasim.

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3 responses to “Save Jordan’s Trees!”

  1. Seif Avatar

    I think that the government should first try to implement the positive conservation aspects of the existing law before introducing a new damaging amendment. Go to the forest of Jela’ad and you’ll understand what I am taking about…thousands of sheep and herders are decimating its forest and nobody is doing anything about it. According to the law sheep are not allowed in public forests. The sad thing is that many sheep owners are actually ministry of agriculture forestry employees! Hameeha Harameeha

  2. Mohammed Avatar

    i think we shouldnt cut down the trees

  3. Nader Barakat Avatar
    Nader Barakat

    This project took a lot of work from RSCN (Wild Jordan and RSCN – HQ) to get it done. Now it’s a success story, from IT department and marketing team working all together to get it done.
    Also I would like to share that RSCN made so many and even more. Not only Save Jordan Trees. They have given life to so many families in the Jordan value, also in Syria and Lebanon. Eco-tourism projects are very successful and they have been doing it for so many years.
    I have visited almost every project they built; they and I will always try to support them and help them in any way or another.
    So thank you RSCN