This was in today Jordan Times..

MENAFN – Middle East North Africa . Financial Network News: Hariri, Dahabi to reveal mega-project in Aqaba on Saturday :
AMMAN — A new multibillion large-scale urban regeneration project in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) is due to be announced on Saturday. The project will be announced by Sheikh Bahaa Hariri, chairman of Horizon Development Holdings, and Nader Dahabi, chief commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA). Both sides will sign the project’s agreement in Aqaba and meet later with the press in Amman to elaborate on the project. No further information was available on the scheme, which is expected to be a key addition to investments in the duty-free zone.

I also read in today’s Al-Rai that the project will be huge: 7-10 Billion dollars. This is BIG. If anyone has info on this we’d like to hear it :)

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5 responses to “Hariri, Dahabi to reveal 7-10 Billion dollar project in Aqaba!”

  1. Nas Avatar

    dude, i just fell off my chair

  2. Firas Avatar

    Oh Nader Dahabi?The same Nader Dahabi that was chief executive of Royal Jordanian? I mean the bankrupt Royal Jordanian….

    What’s is going on in Aqaba? All investments are steered into Aqaba!
    How about the North? The nature there is great, and you got more population (form Jordan and neigbouring countries)

    Oh well I’ll get the word from cabbies tomorrow,the news will be out tomorrow anyways!

  3. Hamam Tahat Avatar
    Hamam Tahat

    thanks for the good news…
    now i can make sure i will convince my stuporn syrian friends with the development that aqaba is having these days… here where am studying at syria nobody believes what is happening in aqaba where i used to live in my childhood…
    really good news to hear from you ahmad …

  4. Firas Avatar

    Man many Syrians are just living in denial.
    I mean think about it, to their West you got Lebanon, a very modern and democratic country, and to their South they have Jordan! The clean and modern country…


    Yeah they always say: We don’t like Amman, mu helweeeeeeeh, ma feeha sheeeee
    Yeah whatever…

  5. Benny Avatar

    Mr.Nader Dahabi, is he the same Gen.N.Dahabi? very well done.