King Hussein Mosque

While driving home yesterday, I saw that the King Hussein’s mosque lighting systems where being tested. The lit mosque looked quite stunning so I got out my camera and attempted a few shots. I didn’t have a tripod so most of them came out shaky. This one came out OK. Judging by the cleaning activities around the mosque and the light tests yesterday night, it looks like the mosque will open soon.

For those of you not familiar with Amman, don’t confuse this new mosque with the Husseini mosque, Amman’s old main mosque in the heart of downtown Amman. I saw many internet sites calling the Husseini mosque the King Hussein mosque.







5 responses to “The new King Hussein mosque at night”

  1. Hussein Avatar

    i feel its a mix between Moroccan and Damascene architecture.. it looks nice! but ahmad can tell us exactly were is the location of the mosque??

  2. Jano Avatar

    really stunning, where this one located?

  3. Khalidah Avatar

    Great angle and good picture really
    I love it

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Lina Avatar

    What a lovely coincidence that the same thing happened to me last night as I was driving my sister to her friend’s place in Khalda, on a hill facing the mosque… the view was breathtaking, and I stopped to take a few shots! I posted them even though they were shaky and didn’t reflect the real beauty of it!

    I love this picture you posted!

  5. abdomeri Avatar

    would you like to see more mosque photo
    come and visit us