Jabal al-Hussein walk and talk. Episode 1.

Amman. Hard to explain. Temporary permanence. Self denial. False starts and fruitless hopes. A story forgotten before it can be remembered. Always on the verge of being interesting. But the next step is always missing. Who built you? They seemed to be proud. They used good stone. They had an eye for beauty. Where are they now?

In the coming days I will take you on a trip, tracing my footsteps in the mid to late 1980s, in Jabal Al Hussein. A glimpse into a time capsule. Revisiting a place and time I experienced as a 15-18 year old, going to school in Al Hussein College and forming my own understanding of a city that neither my father nor mother grew up in, free to absorb it without much of a prior programming. 

The snapshots I will share are the result of a 4 hour walk and talk I did with @hussein_alazaat who has even stronger ties to this part of Amman. Let’s see where the walk takes us.







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