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AppleInsider | Report claims Apple talking with Volkswagen over ‘iCar’:
Readers may want to take this one with a bag of rock salt, but German magazine Capital is reporting that Apple and automaker Volkswagen have engaged in early discussions over a concept car dubbed “iCar.”

The report—available via Google translation—claims that Volkswagen chief executive Martin Winterkorn recently flew to California where he sat down for a brainstorming session with Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Though still in the early planning stages, the two firms reportedly plan to cooperate on the development of a new generation of Volkswagen compact cars that would include several Apple tie-ins.

I can tell you one thing. Capital magazine is a respected German publication. I went and read the article and it actually says that a VW spokesman confirmed that Apple and VW are “in early stage talks”.

This will spark some imaginations out there!







4 responses to “Apple and VW planning an iCar?”

  1. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    Apple Volkswagens !

    You know what this means, pretty soon, we’ll also have MS BMWs !

  2. Hussein Avatar

    if that was true, so it going to be my dream car ;)

    i hope its not the ordinary talk about how to integrate your iPod into your VW.

  3. bilal Avatar

    And the car will come with a built-in Ipod, Imac, Iphone, and 20Gb of content downloaded from Itunes:)

  4. Moey Avatar

    that’d be like super sexy