The BOBS jury room

After 8 hours of being looked up in a conference room at the Deutsche Welle’s Berlin headquarters, The BOBS deliberation art finally over. And the winners are..
Oh.. Wait.. I can’t tell you yet.

There is an “embargo” on the results until tomorrow’s awards ceremony at the Museum of Communication in Berlin.


The discussions of the jury were lively. Admittedly it is difficult to judge so many blogs which come in different languages on from different cultural backgrounds. But it was a great chance to discuss blogs, vlogs and posdcasts with a diverse group of people who all have very interesting blogging/journalism/activism backgrounds.

The blogs who won range from the frivolous to those written by people in countries and regions where stating your opinion can land you in prison or worse. Just thinking about the different contexts where blogging happens is mind boggling.

Yesterday night, all the jury members and BOBS coordinators where invited to a dinner in a Berlin restaurant, serving traditional German food. As many of the dishes in the buffet contain pork, the coordinator for Arabic blogs Zahi Alawi asked the restaurant for some extra Halal dishes.

Next thing I know, half of a roasted duck landed in front of me, which was exciting and embarrassing at the same time! I cut the piece in half, and I returned the extra quarter-of-a-duck to the buffet. No way I could eat half a duck!

Zahi Alawi, Arabic BOBS coordinator
Zahi Alawi, Arabic BOBS coordinator
BOBS jury members eating
BOBS jury members eating traditional German food

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