Mr Palestine
If anything, this is one heck of a magazine cover.

The Economist says:

GEORGE BUSH is not likely to be remembered by history as the saviour of the Middle East. He botched Iraq, dropped his democratic “freedom agenda” when the Arabs started voting for the wrong people, and has spent most of his two terms more or less ignoring Palestine. On this last front, however, he now has an opportunity for redemption.


I can vividly remember sitting in front of my computer seven years ago reading Haaretz, as Arafat and Barak, hosted by Clinton were seemingly making progress towards a peace agreement, only to see the whole thing end in a disaster.

It’s almost unbelievable. Here we are seven years later. Palestine in in shambles. Arafat is gone. Sharon is semi-dead. The Wall. Israel’s fortress mentality. Iraq drowning. Lebanon divided. A whole generation of Palestinians lost to violence and no hope.

Our grandparents saw 1948. Our parents saw 1967. Now our generation is growing old and the question of Palestine still menaces this region.

The US has been ruled for last 7 years by people who simply do not want to believe or accept that Palestine is a central issue to this region and the world.

Can it be that some cracks are appearing in this wall of US blindness. Or is this just another episode of a depressing play.

Investing hope in today’s conference in Annapolis seems crazy. But we live in a crazy region in a crazy time anyway.

Let’s just hope this conference doesn’t somehow cause an alien invasion of planet Earth.

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3 responses to “George W. Palestine”

  1. The Observer Avatar
    The Observer

    We wouldnt go on living without hope.

    As crazy as it sounds, lets hope that George bush can redeem himself!

  2. Ahmad Al-Sholi Avatar
    Ahmad Al-Sholi

    As much as I believe in peace as our only solution, it just does not seem like the time is right for ISRAEL, their intelligence bodies required the government to buy some time till the palestinian authority seems to be in control, while they are the responsible for weakning it! They do not want to return Jerusalem, allow the return, end settlements, stop supporting Hammas with weapons, or return shibaa (assumingly the announced reason for Hizballah to remain as guerilla fighters), nor return of Julan and give Syria good reasons to block Iran, Hizbullah, or Hammas… They seem not to accept the fact that Peace is the only solution, and they won’t as long as the american financing is there..

  3. Ramsey Avatar

    I recently got a subscription of the Economist, and I too, had a strong reaction to the cover. If you read the article though, they cast a dark shadow of doubt over the chances of anything positive happening. One thing I appreciate the Economist for is their brutal honesty and ability to criticize, even just a wee bit, the Israelis.

    The cover was clearly designed as a shocker. It worked on me. At this point in the conflict, I’d prefer an alien invasion.