Where is the tree?
Wherever you look in Amman you see half done stuff. Everything is incomplete.

City Mall is an investment of tens of millions of Dinars. Some pretty amazing shops inside. It is a successful, popular place. The photo above is from the pavement around the mall. I am sorry, but this makes me sick.

Where the heck is the tree? Instead we have an exposed electrical cable (probably dangerous). And cigarette butts.

Neither the mall owner, nor the people who rent the shops, nor the responsible architect have been able to get themselves to plant some trees (total cost would probably be just a few hundred JDs). Maybe they don’t care. And the mall is successful anyway so why bother.

I suggest that GAM starts imposing a fine on empty tree spots.

Here is the telephone number and email of the City Mall from their site. They are asking for suggestions and feedback:

Tell us what you think about our services, or write to us should you have any ideas for improvements. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions

Tel: + 962 6 5868500
Fax: + 962 6 5868501
P.O.Box 2764
Amman 11821 Jordan
Email: info@citymall.jo

Call, Fax or email them. Best thing is to BOTH call and Email/Fax them. Tell them the pavement is both ugly and probably dangerous (electric cable!). Let’s see if the Jordanian blogger community can get some trees planted outside the mall. It’s not exactly Amman’s most pressing problem. But it would be a good test if some public pressure can get something small changed.



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9 responses to “Amman: The Incomplete City and the missing trees of City Mall!”

  1. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    I’m reluctant to criticize anything city mall does because they still extend me the common courtesy of not refusing me entry to the mall on Weekends and holidays as Mecca Mall does to many Jordanian Single men. That is much more basic than an empty tree spot.

    In fact the security guards at the gate usually waves me in without even looking inside my bag.

  2. Ghassan Yonis Avatar
    Ghassan Yonis

    hmmm.. ok, I do agree that the electricity cable is dangerous.. but seriously, in other areas of amman and jordan.. this would be the least of their problems.. west amman isn’t every thing in jordan after all!!

  3. muhammad arrabi Avatar
    muhammad arrabi

    Salam Ahmad,
    unrelated topic:

    This is a continuation of the topic on job searching: we have a new Jordanian site, but with a worldwide outlook and not just middle east:


    It has an interesting technology behind the scenes. give it a try.

  4. Ahmad Avatar

    by the way, i heard that GAM is removing trees from pavements in some areas. is that true? they took out the olive trees from my friend’s pavement claiming that it causes allergies to many people (in some seasons), and that pavements are for walking!!

  5. manal y Avatar
    manal y

    well everything in city mall is dangarouse the escalators, the glass rails are alwasy cracked and most dangerously the hygienic level is really low….everything is instered and done in a poor way

    i guess they use the old things that used to be in UAE city malls…so maybe they are wating for a palm tree to die is UAE and drag it to jordan

  6. Ali Avatar

    Actualy I support any positive intiative to make people active and not only complain. I salute your effort and I will send then an email . Since any project in Jordan in never fully completed, have you ever been inside the Mecca Mall parking lot in the new extension?

    This might be not an important issue in Jordan but why not plant trees, we need our streets to be beautiful in East and West Amman

  7. Issam Qadan Avatar
    Issam Qadan

    Hello Ahmed – I also support this initiative as this is a basic principle issue more than anything else. If minor issues are neglected, most likely major issues will be neglected.

  8. Onzlo Avatar

    City mall basically looks like halfway through building it they just decided to stop work and just open the mall half finished, it is seriously disgraceful to have half painted walls and broken tiles more than a whole year after opening!

  9. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    Manal I agree about the glass being cracked near the escalators, I can’t believe they just put a sign over it asking people not to touch it, but I dunno about everything else being hazardous. Do you mean that someone can fall off the largest escalator ?