To hell with IT.. It’s skyscrapers we need man!

Zeid Nasser reporting from CeBit Hannover about the almost non-existent Jordanian participation in the “biggest show on earth” for IT. What a shame!

Who needs IT when a real estate IPO can attract 1 billion dollars from 160,000 investors?

Zeid Nasser’s blog: CELEBRATION | Reporting from the biggest show on earth!
So, it’s the world’s biggest IT show, with over 6000 companies participating from all over the globe, but there are only two Jordanian companies!Taking a look at the numbers of exhibitors from other Middle Eastern countries (in the table printed below) ecomes apparent that our claims of being a ‘regional technology hub of ICT exports’ seem exaggerated.

Egypt 19 exhibitors
Saudi Arabia 19 exhibitors
Iran 14 exhibitors
UAE 13 exhibitors
Tunisia 12 exhibitors
Jordan 2 exhibitors
Palestine 1 exhibitor

Or maybe we just didn’t succeed in planning the country’s participation well this time. And just for further comparison, to all Arab countries listed, Israel had 47 companies exhibiting. The two Jordanian companies participating did so through the Swiss Import Promotion Program (SIPPO). The fact they needed assistance from the Swiss, and that neither they nor any other local company willing to come to CeBIT got assistance or support from a Jordanian body is very dissapointing.

Hey man.. at least we beat Palestine :)

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5 Responses to “To hell with IT.. It’s skyscrapers we need man!”

  1. nasimjo Says:

    No for real now, the IT industry in jordan is out of focus, either from the government’s or the private sector it self,,, im not really liking this situation
    Who cares is caring for his pocket and new humvy,and thats it!!

  2. salam Says:

    Ahmad,what do you think about this whole boom in the real estate investments?I was shocked at the numbers that “ta3meer “got!

  3. Jano Says:

    hey its really strange! if it was in jordan they would be like thousands of them!! i mean IT companies

  4. M Arrabi Says:

    Who was the 2 Jordanian exhibitors?

  5. maj Says:

    “Who needs IT when a real estate IPO can attract 1 billion dollars from 160,000 investors? “Strange and illogical comparision, IT means any one can join and benifit and be part of main global stream. Real Estate is for selected tycoons. I am not Jordanian, but I am opening IT company in Jordan, I seen Jordanian IT talent, I am impressed. the day Jordan IT will come out of its hypothesis, and start to feel the M.E and global market pulse, it can really be active, in my personal view only change of Attitude is needed.

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