Quick update on Amman Bus Map project

Kyoto Bus Map

I’ve had an excellent response from many people regarding the Amman Bus Map project. Many have shown an interest to volunteer and other have offered information and advice.

I hope we can convene a kick of meeting for the project sometime next week.

My friend Qais in Dubai, who just came back from a tour of Japan, was kind enough to bring us with him a copy of the Kyoto bus map. You can download 2 PDFs from that link to understand what I’m talking about. It seems to be an excellent example of a color-coded bus line map that is non geographic but that alludes to geographic and sightseeing spots.

The nice thing about this particular example (and the fact that we have a paper copy) is that here its small enough to be folded and put in the pocket, yet it full of information. I am sure we will learn a lot from it and similar projects.

If you know of other good example, post some links in the comments.

Hope to see the team next week..

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4 Responses to “Quick update on Amman Bus Map project”

  1. samra Says:

    Wow …a bus map for Amman …you are making history …this means we are not that far away from a time schedule

  2. Toujan Says:


    When we were in London, NY and DC, we purchased pop-up city maps, which were really excellent. They provided transit, attraction and road information. They were not specifically transit maps, but the “pop-up” feature was great.

    Another great feature that you might want to consider when developing these maps is laminating them to:
    1. protect them from damage that may be caused by rain
    2. enable the user to write on them with a erasable white-board marker

    For a map of london transit, visit: http://www.londontransit.ca/Pubs/ride-guide.pdf

    Good luck! This is a great idea
    (as you can see, the word of the day is great :p)

  3. Samir Atalla Says:

    I salute you on this excellent project.

    However, what the country and Amman really needs is a much more professional bus service. Drivers who adhere to traffic rules and regulations. Buses that are clean.

    With the current price of fuel constantly on the rise and the chronic traffic problems we have in Amman, mass transit is the best solution, but the state of buses in Amman leaves many people doubtful about using them. They need a major overhaul in quality of drivers and buses to make them user friendly as they are in Europe and the US.

    The map is an excellent addition to the above.

    Good luck.

    Samir Atalla

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