Mobilecom to rebrand as Orange? Or what?

Mobilecom Orange logo

This rebranding business has been rumored for around a year now. In today’s Al Ghad, Mobilecom confirmed that it is “planning” to rebrand “in response to a request by the mother company”, meaning France Telecom, who is adopting a strategy of unifying its mobile operators around the world under the Orange brand.

But you almost feel that Mobilecom is embarking on this rebranding grudgingly and with a lot of hesitation. We keep hearing the company is “studying” the matter, and that it will be done “at the right time, with the right means”.

Part of the hesitation seems to stem from residual perception that Orange is an Israeli brand. Consumers in Jordan who are not very globally aware have probably heard about the brand from relatives and friends in Palestine.

On the positive end, Mobilecom says it will save advertising money by adopting the Orange brand, due to its global presence.

Personally I never like the Mobilecom name or logo. It always felt second rate to me. If they don’t switch to Orange, they should at least change their logo and the ‘with you for a better life’ tagline.

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3 Responses to “Mobilecom to rebrand as Orange? Or what?”

  1. Firas Says:

    The Future is Orange!

  2. salim Says:

    orange is tha future

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