Me, Du and the power of blogs!

This is hilarious/interesting/cool. Over the past few months this site,, has become a virtual recruitment center for Dubai’s new telecom, Du!

How did this happen. Well, go ahead and do (du?) a search on Google for ‘Dubai Telecom Du’ and the first or second result will be the article I’ve written about the Du brand! This has lead to a sizable amount of traffic to my site. I estimate that one fifth of the visits here in the past few weeks originated from Du related searches.

Not just that.. After one person posted a comment asking for a job with Du, other people followed. There are currently 47 comments on that article, the majority of which are job requests!

Today, someone from Du finally noticed. Well not exactly someone from Du but one of their recruitment partners. A certain Mr. Ben left this comment today:

We are a recruitment partner for DU.

Please send your resumes including JOb Title, Salary Expectations, Availability to:


In the current web environment, the highly interconnected nature of blogs is giving us bloggers an advantage on search engines. But what is amazing is the Du corporate site doesn’t even make it to the first page of the Google search results!

Mainstream companies still have almost no idea about how the web works. To blame are mostly the ad agencies, who got fat on print and TV money. This ‘internet thing’ has not fully dawned upon them, although most of the global agencies in the region have established so called ‘interactive marketing units’.

For now, bloggers can celebrate their web power!

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8 Responses to “Me, Du and the power of blogs!”

  1. Basem Says:

    Interestingly, Umniah, MobileCom & Fastlink make it to the top results of Google when they’re searched despite their generic names (with the exception of Umniah), XPress is less fortunate due to their over-used name & numerous computer hardware with the same name or utilize it partially, but it’s not impossible to float it to the top, MobileCom even surpasses a more dominant German operator with the same name (almost)!

    A friend of mine once setup a search optimization company here in Jordan, he used to promise his clients (and deliver upon it) to be in the top ten results of all major search engines within few days, he did will, but he had to pull the plug for personal reasons few years back! Good business though…

  2. David Says:

    Someone should hint du about meta tags…

    SEO is indeed a booming industry in the U.S. I know people making easy six figures just adding the right meta tags and pushing a site around.

  3. Jordanian Peace Maker Says:

    Petty that Jordanians cannot join DU any more. DU now have a quota for every nationality, and quota for Jordanians is already full!

    So do not bother in sending your CV if you are Jordanian.

  4. Kanchan Gupta Says:

    I am a teeleco engineer with experience of about 10 years in India. Currently I am staying with my husband in UAE…..

    Please contact on email if any vacancy is there

  5. Kanchan Gupta Says:

    I am a telecom engineer with experience of about 10 years in India. Currently I am staying with my husband in UAE…..

    Please contact on email if any vacancy is there

  6. What would DU do if they had competition? Says:

    DU has the poorest customer care service I have ever experinace in my life. It is taking more than 2 weeks for someone to come and conect me to the TV - and all my calls to their “customer care” are accepted with absolut careless responds from very unprofessional or people with very poor customer care service, behaviour or orientation.
    I can’t stop thinking – what would they do if they had competition?
    I would never sign with them – but because of the rule that we can not put own satelite dishes on the roof – we have to stay and wait for them.

    Wish Dubai to get soon some professional telecomunication company – then they will go down for sure.

  7. Q M Ahmad Says:

    Are u kanchan gupta passed out from D CE, , from jiasarai.
    contact me at ,

  8. S I B Says:

    Believe me its no Add life to life, its like ‘Add HELL to life’ POOREST SERVICE!!
    Most of the time no coverage!! e.g since last 1 hour its absolutley DEAD! I feel like bangning my head with the wall! I’m sure pretty soon I’m gonna sue these losers!!

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