It’s official: I am Jordan’s most popular blogger! :-)

Finally some respect!

I’ve been TOILING AWAY day and night for YEARS, crafting one intelligent blog post after the other. I’ve given all my energy to inform and delight my dear audience. I’ve browsed the net and mainstream media to find jewels and present them on the silver plate that is…

All the comment moderating..

All the hyperlinking..

All the quoting..

All the Wordpress installing..

It finally paid off….

[breaking down with tears of happiness]

Pulp magazine: Jordan's most popular blogs

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Pulp magazine: Jordan's most popular blogs

Yes, my dearest readers.. It’s true..

I am the Top of the Pops of Jordan’s Blogs, according to Pulp magazine..

My evil plan to become Jordan’s Minister of Blogging is moving closer to completion.. :-)


Ok, so, seriously now. I don’t know how this list was compiled. It’s a pretty good list (if I may say so myself). It lists 9 other English language blogs that have been around for quite some time: AndFarAway, Sabbah, Khobbeizeh, Subzero Blue, Jordan Watch, Into the Wind, Jazarah, The Black Iris, and Tololy.

So, thanks for the mention Pulp people.. :-)

Honestly, I somewhat doubt that these blogs (mine included) are the most ‘popular’ in Jordan. My feeling (although I have no evidence) is that some Arabic blogs, especially those of political writers, probably have more readers. I don’t know..

But it’s cool to finally be on the top of a list :-)

[Hat Tip: Roba]

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18 Responses to “It’s official: I am Jordan’s most popular blogger! :-)”

  1. nasimjo Says:

    hah ,, 3ogbalee!

  2. Issmat A. Says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is on my RSS reader. I check it daily from Canada. Now that you have conquered Jordan, what are your plans for the rest of the world?

  3. Issa Says:

    Congrats! I always read your blog and get the latest updates on technology and the coolest news and events in Amman. Keep up the good work.

  4. kinzi Says:

    Yahoo! You deserve it!

  5. Zaidoun Says:

    well done, you deserve it.
    i always check your Blog even in my business trips or my vacations
    Sttutgart :)

  6. Moey Says:

    congrats for you and roba, but Subzero blue is not jordanian neither sabbah, both aren’t jordanian blogs.

    and your blog deserves it, pretty much from the first blogs I discovered on the sphere,

  7. Humeid Says:

    Wow. People.. Thank you for the well wishes.. Thanks for reading, commenting and staying in touch.

  8. Razan Says:

    Mabrouk Mr. Famous ;-)

    Two Syntaxers on the list, pretty impressive!

  9. Issam Says:


  10. mohammad Says:

    yes yes mabrook humaid, it’s my honor to be on the list with you :)

  11. Avery Says:

    Someone really intelligent must’ve put you on top of that list, if it wasn’t the result of votes.

    ps I somehow expected it from the orbo people
    pss would you trade your Nokia with an iPhone NOW?

  12. Humeid Says:

    Razan.. Two SYNTAXers and one ex SYNTAXer.. SubZeroBlue.. It’s crazy.

    Avery: Don’t remind of the Orb people. What a nerve testing week that was.

    Nokia and iPhone. Well. The iPhone will not work in Jordan anyway. I really like my GPS and 5 MP camera on the Nokia. It also would be a problem if I can’t shoot video.

    I am in wait and see mode..

    Khobbeizeh and Issam: thanks!

  13. Avi Says:

    Congrats mate!

  14. Torsten Says:

    Congrats, Ahmad I read your blog from time to time. I am from Germany,

    best wishes for the future of your interesting blog.

  15. Batir Wardam Says:

    Even without this list you deserve it. I do not know what popular means but I put yours and Nas’ blogs on the top of the list in Jordan.

  16. Rawan Says:

    so that means that i have a good choice :D i follow you, mohammed qaq(khobbeizeh) and sabbah, 3 of them on the list, alf mabrook :D

  17. abed Says:

    Mabrook Ahmad, you really worth it. In the past i had no idea about interesting blogs in Jordan and one day i casually arrived here…i can’t leave it anymore, i feel home when i read your blog. Thank you 3anjad and 3ogbal el awwal 3al 3alam ;-)

  18. omar Says:

    mabrook, I wonder who decided to be putting you on top of that list
    because apparently, in statistics it’s not:

    I also wonder who decided Marmite tastes good…

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