Enjoying 5 days of offline life, then upgrading to WordPress 2

I came back from a 4 day work (with some city tourism thrown in) trip to the Czech Republic yesterday night, during which I was completely offline. OK I still had my mobile and I had to watch the rather biased/sometimes disgusting CNN coverage of the war on Lebanon. But.. no email, no browsing, no checking of the blog comments ..

So last night I was back home with the family and 800 pieces of blog spam from my Chinese friends.

So today, I finally took the decision to upgrade to WordPress 2 which includes the Akismet blog spam filter (thanks Jad!). Getting rid of blog spam will save around 10 minutes of my time a day (that’s 2.4 days a year by the way).

There will be more on the way-too-short trip to Prague and Karlovy Vary (known as Karlsbad in German) soon. For now I’ll leave you with a photo Prague’s old town which I shot from Prague’s Castle.

Prague old town

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