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We haven’t heard much from Steorn lately. Yesterday they issued a press release with an update on the selection process of scientists, who are supposed to test the validity of the company’s ‘free energy’ technology:

News | Steorn
Dublin, 10th November 2006: Steorn, the technology development company, has announced that it has completed its selection process for appointing scientists to an independent jury that will test its free energy technology. Steorn issued the challenge via an advertisement in the Economist to the world’s scientists in August 2006 and received more than 5,000 responses by the deadline of 12 midnight, September 8th.

Steorn’s technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. The technology can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars.

Steorn will complete the signing of contracts with the chosen scientists by Friday December 1st at the latest.

This is exciting news, although no names of scientist had been made public. The process is progressing.

If you have followed what I’ve written about Steorn in 360east in August and September, then you’ll know that I am talking about: a claim of an invention that would literally change the course of history. I am calling it “Fire 2.0”. Imagine free, clean energy from ‘thin air’ powering everything from your cellphone to our cities. Needless most people/scientists don’t believe that something like this can exist. That’s why the claims of Steorn have caused quite a stir and a heated debate between believers and non-believer ensued.

We’ll stay tuned..

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  1. eric krieg Says:

    I tried to register to be a witness for this. I tried to offer them my 10 year old prize for proof of free energy to the amount of $10,000

    These companies show up all the time, making free energy promises and then fading away. I think it most likely they are just all scams. In America, a lot of people promise this stuff to cheat old investors. check out my web page above on the history of such fraud.

    there was an update but still no real proof at

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