Wakalat street at night: urban coexsistance

Place: Wakalat Street, Amman, Jordan
Time: Sunday 22 July 2007.

Today was the official opening day of Wakalat Street. I decided to pass by on my way back home from the office at around 10:30 pm.

Thousands of people. Jordanians, Iraqis, Gulf nationals. Teenage boys and girls. Totally westernized clothes to pitch black niqabs. Families. Very light security presence. A police man and a smiling police woman, both riding horses.
Packed cafes. From Starbucks to Wakeem to Aroma to Libnani Snacks.

Cool Ammani night after a very hot day.

And yes: Arabic and English signs.

It works!

Wakalat at night

Wakalat street at night

Wakalat streetat night

Amman first pedestrian zone: Wakalt Street

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9 Responses to “Wakalat street at night: urban coexsistance”

  1. Macthomson Says:

    It makes a great impression. I have only been to Amman once and I reckon it’s maybe time to visit again. Could I be right that there’s a ‘funky’ side of Jordan? Something, anyway, and it ain’t here in Abu Dhabi!

  2. 3ala Says:

    it’s too small. too crowded. too much testosterone. too many fights.

  3. Humeid Says:

    too small? I don’t get it..

    I saw a very relaxed atmosphere yesterday night. No fights.

  4. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    yes the area is too small, its only one street! and i can only see guys in those photos! why didnt u shoot the policemen? :s that would have been nice

  5. Ramman Says:

    yes it’s too small and too tight. i guess when you compare to Solidere or Georgetown, DC or Fishermen’s wharf in Boston, or old city of Damascus, or, or. the style is neither contemporary nor classic. it’s characterless. there is more riot control police and mukhabarat than in the airport. it’s too tense. and you feel too monitored. i think the authorities should start considering the less intrusive surveillance cameras as in UK. i witnessed at least two fights, but all were happening at nearby avenues. it’s not a family atmosphere at all. two or three parallal streets should have been considered for this remodeling to spread out the crowds. the fact there is so much young men loitering around shows tha there areent enough facilities and activities for young people in jordan in their communities, which results in this overcrowding of the few hot spots like mecca mall, suifieh, abdoun circle. we can’t keep focusing on west ammani places for such projects. we need to go east amman lik in Feras Circle. Each Jabal needs its own Wakalaat street to deal with the overcrowding and to spread the commercial benefits.

  6. Ehab Says:

    I agree with all of you guys, people through themselves to anything new in Amman, but Wakalat is getting less crowded now… more west Ammanis less (shabab fadyet ashgal)

    About security and mukhabarat, I think it’s a good think (because our people needs this for the time being)
    Well I hope it’s not only a summer street, I expect the street killed in winter. Cafes and outlets will suffer.

  7. omar Says:

    Hi its nice place but i can’t find it in google earth coz i wana go there is there eny one can help me plz
    my e-mail


  8. non f u bznz Says:

    the place is tooo crowded.. poilce scatred all over the area.. one feels that he is in an israeli grounds or smthin.. all guards.. mukhabarat.. jst intemedating sending ppl to harase u and when u defend and stand up for ur self it covers they where mukhabarat and lock u the ni8 in the home sweet home (jail)

    nawar is overwhelming the area.. shit is poping out from the horses them police ride every now and then, my cuzin came from london wanted to take a picture with the police man he just told him so rudely “no” and left :S :S .. i dnt get it… whyh? its only one street.. its not washinton DC or smthin :S … creepy ppl :S
    u want a youth opinion?
    that waz mine.. and it will still suck untel ppl do smthin about it!!
    get the damn police to green level and put some damn cameras, dnt let anyone just slip in.. control the damn street without any offenceive violence..

    catch ya la8erz :S

  9. Zeidan Says:

    Lovely summer nights in this street; if you just keep walking :-)

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