Samsung Croix/Qbowl/F700: How to NOT launch a phone!


Cool looking phone.. ha?

As promising as this ‘iPod Killer” from Samsung looks it is not an iPod killer. The biggest flaw: no WiFi. One review [German link] I read also pointed out that the interface is nowhere near the iPhone’s usability and friendliness and that the touchscreen’s performance was not great.

Welcome to the Samsung Croix/Qbowl/F700 or whatever the hell you want to call it. You know what. It REALLY does have an INSPIRING name: SCH-U940

It’s really puzzling is how lame the reaction to the iPhone’s brilliant product/interface design and branding has been so far.

A heavy weight like Nokia left the door wide open for Apple to march in and wow users with its multitouch, slick looking interface.

And now Samsung, with a touchscreen phone (that sort of looks like the iPhone) fails to properly launch their iPhone killer.

Let’s start with the name. What IS the name? And how can Samsung expect to get people’s attention while confusing them with a whole collection of names.

At one point we thought that Samsung got their act together and branded their new phone as the Croix (Cross in french, in reference to the user interface, which employs a ‘cross’ motif (will it be banned in Saudi Arabia for that?:-)

I talked about the Croix name earlier. So what’s up with Qbowl? I first noticed this new name while I was in Germany last week. The phone is being launched there by Vodafone. The TV spots position it as a device to access the “real web”. This comes at a time when Apple’s iPhone (with its amazing Safari) is already out in Germany (with T-Mobile).

Vodafone Germany F700
Although it is be referred to as the F700 in the web page above, I saw Qbowl being referenced somewhere in the banner ads.

Vodafone Qbowl banner

Then, nowhere on the net can one get a decent video walkthrough of the device. Can’t anyone learn anything from Apple? Once the iPhone was out everyone was able to use it, partly because Steve Jobs demoed the phone in one of his impressive Keynotes and because lengthy, well produced demo videos and Flash animations where posted on Apple’s site.

What I found for the new Samsung was a badly done video with annoying music!

I tried to find a demo on the German version of Samsung Mobile’s site. But instead of finding a crisp demo, all I saw was an amateurish video of Michael Ballak’s talking head, some phone screen savers showing girls in bikinis and a myriad of phone models with inspiring names like the U900 or something..

IPhone Killer.. Yeah right!

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6 Responses to “Samsung Croix/Qbowl/F700: How to NOT launch a phone!”

  1. Dave Says:

    If it’s one thing that Apple does exceptionally well, they know how to market and release a product line. Other companies have a lot to learn.

  2. Moey Says:

    true Dave, nothing beats my iPhone, long live steveeee J

  3. poop Says:

    teehee what a bunch of lame iphone fanboyssss
    samsung qbowl has 3.15 megapixel camera with autofocus and whats this?? o yeah 3G CONNECTIVITYYYY
    what else? o yeah a tactile qwerty keyboard instead of that iphone virtual crap..
    3.5 head jack instead of that recessed one

  4. G Says:

    i think poop is soo rite ya no…dis is the best one.. samsung croix is rubbish!

  5. Mouse Says:

    Well, croix is not the name of the phone, but of the OS
    The original name is F700. they also name it qbowl.

    Apple is all about marketing, so that everybody is jalous when you have the i-phone. I like the quality of samsung
    they don’t rely on marketing, but on quality.
    the quality of the music is the same, the photo’s made ar better, the memory is expandeble, the internet is quicker, and it’s got a keyboard.
    i don’t want a phone because it’s got:
    “well produced demo videos and Flash animations where posted on Apple’s site.”

    i think the writer should do it’s research better before saying samsung got it all wrong. the information he used is just from the first three links on google.

  6. j Says:

    apple has a shit name too
    what kind of a name is “apple”?
    sounds like some 5 year old kid named it
    steve is just lucky his products flies off the shelf
    pfft “apple”

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