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  • Google’s Arabic Q&A service ‘Egabat’: clever way to sniff the market (and what’s up with the Egyptian influence in its name ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Google today announced the launch of a new Arab focused question and answer service under the name Google Egabat (English: Google Answers), not to be confused with the now-defunct English Google Answers service which was shut down a few years ago. For more info about Google Egabat check out StartupArabia’s post. Its definitely exciting to […]

  • Back to School (and the horrible schoolbooks Jordan’s children are given)

    Can a schoolbook cover look more depressing? A miserable boy, asleep at the desk, writing in his copy-book, ink bottle by his side. I want you to feast your eyes on the the photo above and the eleven other examples from 3rd grade government curricula schoolbooks, which I photographed three years ago (but always kept […]

  • Where the heck did Amman’s big red tour busses disappear?

    Ok, this is really old new by now. But I still would be interested in more info. Last year, Amman got its first tour busses which, like in any big capital, meant to keep going around town in a certain path, passing through all the cities notable sites, shopping opportunities and landmarks. They became part […]

  • Sunny’s 105.1 feel-good guide: truly diverse, truly refreshing take on Jordan

    Yesterday I had one of those “feel good” moments about Jordan. You know, one of those instances (maybe rather rare instances) where you feel that Jordan is at its best. Where our mosaic or collage or whatever you want to call it just comes together. No I am not talking about some grand government scheme […]

  • FOR SALE: PSP with six original games, at cool price

    For sale in Amman, Jordan: PlayStation Portable (PSP) Color: Metallic Blue Less than 1 year old. In excellent condition. Original box available. 6 great original games: Daxter Avatar Worms 2 Sonic Rivals 1 Sonic Rivals 2 Pirates of the Caribbean (At World’s End) Also included: 1 new charger 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (Sandisk) Price […]

  • I am sorry Siniora, but plain lettuce is MUCH BETTER than your products..

    Siniora, the meat product manufacturer, is running a huge ad campaign in Jordan. Outdoor billboards and two page full color ads in the newspaper declare: “Only Siniora, the rest is.. lettuce.” This comes from the popular Arabic phrase which is used to declare that something is the best. Lettuce is used as a symbol for […]

  • Check out the Jordanian Family on The Simpsons

    Get your hands on Episode 7 of Season 20 of the Simpsons. Not only does it feature a Jordanian family (“We met at the Jordan University of Science and Technology”) but also makes fun of a certain electronics maker with a fruit as a logo (hint: it’s called Mapple and its Founder and Chief Imaginative […]

  • I want my kids to grow up in a world where Obama is president of the US

    Good morning world. Good morning America. The world needs an American president with Obama’s personal history. Despite the grave mistakes of the past, I still believe that America can be good to the world, but it needs to be lead away from a stance of muscle flexing and arrogance. Obama is someone who just might […]

  • Amman celebrates its old stairs

    Amman is definitely a city that has started a journey of self (re)discovery. A city that has exploded in all directions over the past decades, is finally finding time to look inwards again, to rediscover and celebrate its own urban heritage. Yesterday it was time to celebrate one of Amman’s old stairs in Jabal Al […]

  • live blogging from a blogger’s wedding!

    i am at roba and musa’s wedding. While everyone is dancing to arabo-pop beats i am siting at the far end of the party live blogging. Just to prove a point. Congratulations! UPDATE: I just came home past midnight. And here’s a photo I took

  • Wall.e: when robots dream of human love

    How lucky are we in Amman to get the newest Pixar movie just a few days after its release in America? I went to see Wall.e today with two of my kids at the magnificent new Prime Cinemas in Al Baraka Mall in Sweifieh. We went for the 7:00 pm show and I was surprised […]

  • The world’s simplest HDTV and flat-screen TV introduction!

    Judging by what I overhear sales people at electronics store tell potential customers, I concluded that many people out there are totally clueless about the whole High Definition TV (HDTV), flat-screen TV craze that is sweeping the world. So I decided to put together a very simple explanation, based on the gist of what I […]