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  • A video from 2004.. I can’t believe half a decade passed!

    While doing some searching on the web, I chanced upon a very low budget (no budget!) video that I created for the Immedia 2004 conference. This is something I even blogged about in the early days of 360east. I watched the video with amusement. A number of familiar faces are featured. It also features a […]

  • Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

  • Are you a young creative: Make an ad.. Go to Cannes this June

    Just received this announcement from a loyal 360east reader (hi Dina!) about a competition by the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival that will take the winner to attend this prestigious ad event and compete in the Young Lions Film Competition. MAKE AN AD At midnight on 15 May (GMT), YouTube will release a brief on […]

  • Objectified: a film on design an its (un)intended consequences

    From Gary Hustwit, the maker of the film Helvetica (yes a film about a typeface, and a really good one at that) comes Objectified, a highly anticipated documentary about design, particularly product design. It features some of the world’s most famous industrial designers such as Karim Rashid, Jonathan Ive (Apple) and David Kelly (Ideo) What’s […]

  • New Mac vs PC ads: just don’t say the “V” word

    Microsoft is spending US$ 300 Million on a campaign to fix Vista’s image and counter attacks Apple’s long standing and very successful Mac vs PC TVC series. They started with ads featuring Bill Gates with Jerry Seinfeld. Then the stopped that and came up with a pretty cool “I am a PC” campaign. Now Apple […]

  • New MacBook documentary: design and manufacturing fanaticism at its best

    Talk about design inspiration and a dedication to craft. Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, deliver the message with passion. I highly recommend you follow this link to the mini documentary that Apple have released today. It focuses on the amazing new manufacturing method Apple is using for the new MacBooks and MacBook Pro’s. Jonathan Ive […]

  • Sorry Zain Kuwait, but these TV commercials are sexist TRASH!

    I could not believe my eyes when I watched the three TVC’s below on Jazarah! Is Zain Kuwait out of its mind? How was such an offensive campaign approved. Or maybe they feel it’s funny to liken wives and women to mobile phones? Notice.. in the three ads its always a man and a “broken”, […]

  • Ramadan and alcohol: Hypocrisy or identity? Freedom or disrespect? Law or religion?

    Over the past few days, quite a debate has been going on the Jordanian blogosphere about the police’s closing of Books@Cafe. The story of the closure was told on by the owner of the restaurant Madian Al Jazerah. So far close to 240 comments have been posted on that story. I have rarely seen […]

  • Unboxing the Samsung Omnia

    Read these related posts on 360east: Samsung on a “crusade” to kill the iPhone Why are flat screen TVs so expensive in Jordan? The Samsung F700 is the iPhone killer (or is it?) Samsung Croix/Qbowl/F700: How to NOT launch a phone! Blu-ray players come to Jordan (overpriced) and flat-screen TV’s take off (also overpriced)

  • Video Art: “Amman – A quietly distorted night”

    Found this video experiment on Quite an intriguing interpretation of Amman by night. You might want to leave a comment for the maker of this video, Rafique Nasereddin, on his page.

  • The most beautiful interview: Lennon and the teenage kid with a tape recorder

    Almost 40 years ago, a 14 year old Beatles fan snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room with a tape recorder. He convinced the star to do an interview about peace. Now, Lennon’s words come alive again in this amazing short film. Read these related posts on 360east: Cross cultural: The wonders of Tabla and a […]

  • Wall.e: when robots dream of human love

    How lucky are we in Amman to get the newest Pixar movie just a few days after its release in America? I went to see Wall.e today with two of my kids at the magnificent new Prime Cinemas in Al Baraka Mall in Sweifieh. We went for the 7:00 pm show and I was surprised […]