Amman Centennial Forum

On Saturday 21 February 2009, from 5 to 8 pm, Amman’s youth are invited to attend an open Amman Centennial Forum with the Mayor of Amman Omar Maani, to discuss Amman’s vision, at Al Al Hussein Cultural Center in Ras Al Ein. Check out the event’s Facebook page.

This forum is being held by the Amman Institute for Urban Development, at the initiative of Interruptions, an experimental architectural/cultural publication that was started by a group of enthusiastic students last year.

I think that such a youth/student focused forum is a great idea. It will be a good chance to start a dialog with the Mayor and other decision makers at the municipality, to make sure that a young perspective on urban affairs is heard. Anyone who is interested in the future of Amman should attend.

SYNTAX was involved with the Interruptions team over the past few months and we ended up redesigning the magazine. The new issue designed by SYNTAX designer Ahmad Sabbagh will be distributed in the Forum. The finalizing of the magazine meant a series of sleepless nights for the Interruptions team and Ahmad, the likes of which SYNTAX has not seen in a long time. But we think it will be worth it :-)

Hope to see you at the Forum.

Below: the scene at the SYNTAX office a few nights ago.

interruptions at syntax




6 responses to “Amman Centennial Forum: Youth and Mayor Omar Maani talk about the city”

  1. hussein Avatar

    the photo is just amazing! sabbagh looks mutafaje2 :D

  2. Khaled sEDKI Avatar
    Khaled sEDKI

    Thanks a lot Ahmad for the unconditional support.
    This issue deserves to be dedicated to Syntax!
    I hope the [Banana Edition] would prove all we worked for

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday

  3. hadeel Avatar

    Hello .. I study architecture in Jordan university 4th year, and I’m very interested in the local urban issues. And specially the research part and cultural studies involved, I’d be pleased if I could get in touch with, learn and participate..

    My appreciations..

    Hadeel Khawaja

  4. Suleiman Alhadidi Avatar
    Suleiman Alhadidi

    Good luck .. best wishes

  5. Samar Hijjawi Avatar
    Samar Hijjawi

    how come the GAM rechanged their logo after posting a new one??

  6. Laith Zraikat Avatar
    Laith Zraikat

    Not really related to this post, but I have to say that the new Amman logo is hideous. I don’t think it should have been put up for voting.

    Creativity almost always comes from one individual, not a population. It’s the same reason why democracy never creates a revolution.