A number of people out there have been asking when Play 99.6 will start broadcasting on the net. Well, the wait is over. Log on to Play 99.6 and have a listen to their Window Media live stream. It’s a 32 Kbps stream which means that even a dial up connection should be enough to listen.




14 responses to “Play 99.6 now live on the net”

  1. Zaydoun Avatar

    Well, It is not bad but I managed to criticize it Is it you who did the design?

  2. Zaydoun Avatar

    Hey, I checked the radio, it is not bad, but i managed to criticize though lol
    did you design the site?

  3. zaydoun Avatar

    Hi Zaydoun … I see that on my blog you called yourself Zaydoun the Dreamer, which is fine as long as people don’t get us confused. But I also see that on other blogs you are just Zaydoun..

    So what will it be? :-)

    (The real Zaydoun)

  4. zaydoun Avatar

    Hi there zaydoun (Tunisia)… I see that on my blog you called yourself Zaydoun the Dreamer, which is fine as long as people don’t get us confused. But I also see that on other blogs you are just Zaydoun..

    So what will it be? :-)

    By the way I couldn’t post a comment on your blog for some reason

  5. nasimjo Avatar

    Yup, there R 3 british hosts on Play 99.6 & more to go even!
    I know a Jordanian DJ who was blowing on Jordan FM 96.3 & left after he was 1 of the (most wanted) in Jordan,esp being a Dance Club DJ. (his name is Dj Wajih Halawe by the way)

    now since he’s in Play 99.6 , U can hear his voice only on Promotions …………….

    I dunno how “american” is the station with such JUNK Songs on their play list, I know American Stations play GOOD MUSIC!

    what ever it is,it has the approach of a “Hit Music Station” (i.e : we tell u what to hear, & keep playing it for U 200 times a day !)


  6. Steve D Avatar
    Steve D

    I like Play 99.6

    Great music and great DJ’s too.


  7. fofo Avatar

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy please i want the name of song the one about what happend in jordan the 1 on play 99.6 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as fast as u can

  8. Nada Hijazi Avatar
    Nada Hijazi

    I was listening on a weekday at 7:20 Pm i think, there was like a mix, it was sooooooooooooo good, non stop mix with dj flava i think, no way this dj is jordanian … but if he is, let me say he is the best dj in jordan so far ! i loved it.. tankoo blay 99.6 ! tankoo dj flava

  9. Hanoshka Avatar

    hey u guys have a great thing goin on!!i luv da music u play 99.6!! m/ rock on hehehe
    nways i heard u the otha day talkin bout who got da looks ta become a model n stuff,n am actually new at all this so i kinda need sum help ta know whats goin on!!cuz i think dat i have a big shot on gettin accepted!! :D :p

  10. Hanoshka Avatar

    n oh i forgot ta add,,,DJ FLAVA n DJ SHADIYA u guys r the shit!!u guys r simply amazingi listen ta 99.6 all da time,am just crazy bout u!i also listen ta beat fm,,it also has this thing goin on!DJ FLAVA is actually Jordanian??i neva knew that!but ur amazing babe ;) :D

  11. sona Avatar

    is dj falva a jordanian ?? wow … i’m a jordanian too but i’ve never seen a jordanian dj as well as u .. i have to change my mind about jordanian djs.

  12. mo Avatar

    I dont really like Dj flavas work .. he plays ready mixes

  13. fadi Avatar

    well dj flava sucks big time if u rele wanna know…i’ve seen his work n blue fig couple of times and n prana!! well he sure do play ready mix’s..in the station he mix’s using programs but when he’s mixin’ live it rele sucks…

    peace out yo aallll

  14. shaban Avatar

    you are just jelous, if there is such thing as ready mixs i think erryone can be a dj right? shut up please and respect and appriciate instead of hating… everyone seen him mixing live at the last 3 gigs he brought, peanut colada whipped cream and halloween flash nait with fashion tv., so please do 1% of what he did so far… :)