Ikbis.com’s very own video master Mohammad Jaradat took a ride on the ancient train from Amman to Zarqa, and came back with an FANTASTIC video report. The video speaks for itself. The train, the stations, the reaction of the people and the areas it passes through together tell a tough story. Mohammad does it in an understated humorous style, but the visuals speak loudly as well.

The train rides have been introduced in Ramadan. They use the rarely utilized ottoman railway link between Jordan most populous cities. I read in the local press that only half a dozen people showed up on the first day of the trips. But from Mohammad’s video it seems that the train is now carrying more people.

Price of ticket? A very cheap 250 fils!




9 responses to “Video: From Amman to Zarqa, by train!”

  1. Matthew Teller Avatar
    Matthew Teller

    Fantastic video – thanks for posting, Ahmad. Great use of music, great visuals, really atmospheric – I loved it. I blogged about trains in Jordan, and across the region, here:

    Now, can someone please explain to my why kids throw stones at trains? I was almost seriously injured when a stone shattered the window right beside my head while I was on a train in Syria a few years ago. What’s it all about? They don’t throw stones at cars or buses – why trains?

  2. Ali Avatar

    Wonderful video i love it, I should take this ride, I have always wanted to travel in a train.

  3. Neo7th Avatar

    Hi Ahmad, I am glad that you liked this video.

  4. Dalia Avatar

    FYI – I am not able to watch any Ikbis videos – dunno why

  5. Samar Hijjawi Avatar
    Samar Hijjawi

    amazing one, i am even thinking of taking my girls for a ride. but is there a return ride the minute we arrive or we have to wait for passengers to fill it up???

  6. Ali Dahmash Avatar
    Ali Dahmash

    Great video, reminds me how Jordan can compete with Dubai’s metro system that is opening tomorrow. Shame on us that we are using trains slower than a bike and from the remains of the Othoman empire! Seriously we still have a long way to go !

  7. Matthew Teller Avatar
    Matthew Teller

    Try calling the Amman railway station manager’s office & ask them the details: 06 4895413

  8. Neo7th Avatar

    @Samar The first trip is at 7 AM early morning from Zarqa to Amman.

    and the 2nd trip is @ 3 PM from Amman to Zarqa.

    Y3ni if you live in one of the 2 cities you have to take the bus or a taxi on your way back home.

  9. yeah Avatar

    i rememebr we took this ride all the way to Mafrag (i think) as a day trip in school. i can see from the images that nothing changed since around 1990 when i took the ride. i’m not talking about the train alone but also the neigbourhoods it passes trhough. and i’m sure its the same since much before that.

    almost 20 years and no change mainly because it mostly passes through the refugee camps and/or the poor neighbourhoods of Amman/Zarqa/Ruseifeh where the government/investros’ money will never reach: the forgotten places..

    why is everyone missing the point of the post and talking about the video which is in my opinion okay for an amatuer presentation, with nice music. not that great