It’s Ramadan. Which is always a good time for the fanatics / forces of darkness / narrow-minded crazies, who have been in the driver seat of muslim culture for too long.. its a good time for them to come up with all kinds of stuff..

  • In Sudan, a woman was jailed, after a judge find her guilty of indecency. Why? She wore trousers.. Read the BBC story..
  • On the internet, someone just launched a Halal search engine. Meaning: it supposedly only returns results in line with some ultra conservative/fanatic interpretation of Islamic teachings.
  • Also on the net, someone launched a ‘pure’ YouTube. Meaning: It shows pre-checked videos that are in line with the above mentioned ‘teachings’. This also means that absolutely no women appear in any video. And music is stripped off videos.

And no, I won’t link to those sites because:

a. I don’t want to increase their Google rankings
b. They already have enough traffic. There are a lot of people who believe that sites like these are good.

Ramadan Kareem!



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4 responses to “More crazy stuff with an ‘Islamic’ label on it..”

  1. Ali Avatar

    I toke a look at the ” PURE ” youtube website and it’s ” PURE ” crap!

  2. amjad Avatar

    don’t these people have enough wives to keep them busy? oh it’s ramadan. my bad.

  3. amjad Avatar

    and my god these nutjobs in Sudan need to take it easy. i grew up thinking Saudi Arabia was the most extremist/religious country, now we have afghanistan, pakistan, sudan, yemen, and somalia competing. where does it end?

  4. kinzi Avatar

    Can’t forget the fatwa Amal at Progressive Woman noted, a Saudi cleric did issue a fatwa that women can greet men now. Whew, that was good news.

    You guys grab the wheel of the Muslim culture mobile and the world will be a better place.