Nothing like being able to start showing people what I’ve been immersed in the past few months! It’s been a crazy journey for the team at SYNTAX and Spring and it will only get crazier.

What was a sketchy idea a few months ago has turned into a full fledged project with a powerful vision: building the most comprehensive, dynamic and connected hub for entrepreneurship in the region, with world class standards and by a team in the region, for the region.

You’ll be hearing more about Wamda as it move closer to beta, then launch..

From the SYNTAX:CONTEXT blog:

Today, we get to lift the curtain, just a little bit, and start the launch process for one of the most interesting and challenging project we’ve ever worked on at SYNTAX. Together with our friends at Spring, we’ve been commissioned to build what hopefully will become the region’s most comprehensive, dynamic and interactive entrepreneurial hub. So today we can tell you: its name is Wamda and the “coming soon” page and cool little trailer is up.
The teams at SYNTAX and Spring, along with an army of freelancers and partner companies are still hard at work. The next step will be going into a private beta test phase, where a limited number of user will be allowed in to help iron out any issues.

If you want to be notified when Wamda officially goes live, head over for and submit your email. If you want to participate as a private beta tester you can submit a request too.

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