Why does a promising urban rehabilitation project like the one GAM is doing come with so much agony, dirt, carelessness.

This fiasco has been going on for too long.

Every reasonable person knows that a major rehabilitation of a street will result in disruptions. But the way the construction work in Faisal Street has been going on is beyond belief!

I am not talking about the design, which, although some people are objecting to, I think will turn out fine. But the digging and building and rubble and trash has just been a shameful affair.

Residents, merchants and tourist have really suffered from this. And Amman’s image, as well as GAM’s reputation has been tarnished.

Yesterday I walked across Faisal Streets. I think the pictures above talk for themselves. What on earth does the contractor think he’s doing. I have been seeing construction material leftovers laying there for months and months.

Now, all this stuff is being mixed up with street garbage. What a cocktail!

All it takes is for a senior member of GAM or the contracting company management to take a walk and get people of their butts to clean the rubble and to finish the loose ends here and there.

What we see now is just the epitome of carelessness and disrespect for our city.

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5 responses to “Seriously GAM.. What on earth is going in King Faisal Street?”

  1. Ghazi AlTalleh Avatar
    Ghazi AlTalleh

    I totally agree Ahmad, We are not reflecting the true picture of Jordan

  2. Samar Avatar

    With all due respect to your acknowledgement and concern about the cleanliness and sanitation condition of downtown Amman, as a citizen and dweller of this city, I would have loved to see an angry letter to GAM for ruining our downtown and memories than just creating an unpleasant collection of scrap materials and plastic bags. Obviously what’s going on in downtown is not merely about whether it’s a nice design or not, I would hate to summon this huge urban and heritage issue to only “rehabilitation”, and difference in taste. I assume we both know as architects, this is not just rehabilitation of something that was not functioning or falling apart, this project is transforming and altering a whole set of history, memories, good architecture and much more, and it should have been approached is a totally different urban and architectural manner than merely disrespecting the space, the community and much more a piece of History.

  3. student Avatar

    As a student in urban planning I have been spending a lot of time walking on these streets, meeting with engineers and architects in GAM. The problem of cleanliness is not under the responsibility of GAM. It is about consciousness. I often see people in the street throwing their platic bottles after drinking water. Do they know that there is a wonderful thing called trash can?
    I have been reading your articles for several months, and I often agree with you. But I think you should not mix the issue of revitalization and changes with cleanliness.
    I don’t think that GAM’s reputation is tarnished. I think that Ammanis’ reputation is tarnished.
    Thanks for all your articles, and please forgive my English.

  4. Sid Vicious Avatar
    Sid Vicious

    Seriously Humeid… When on earth will you write another blog post? Come on we want to READ :P

  5. marwa Avatar

    what about the holes in the grounds that has no signs not safety fence nothing …anyone who is walking and talking could easily get hurt really bad ….