Yipeee.. It’s here. And it’s almost a month AHEAD of schedule. As I write this I am downloading iTunes 4.9 which features podcasting. And apple are promoting it big time on their site. It’s amazing. I discovered podcasting around three months ago. The whole phenomenon is not even a year old and here is Apple taking it mainstream.

As some of you might know I started my own podacst around a month ago. I did two episodes of MixUp Arabia but had to take a break due to my busy schedule at work and some family matters. But I intend to continue. So look out for a new episode of MixUp arabia soon.

What I am really curious to know is weather I will be listed anywhere in the iTunes podcasting directory. MixUp Arabia has been listed in iPodder.org and Podcast Alley, arguably the most important directories. Whether Apple has pulled in all the podcasts in those directories is the big question. That’s the first thing I’ll check out once the download is done and installed.

I’ll be back!