Ok.. So I just finished downloading iTunes 4.9. Happy to report that Apple made good on its promise to be inclusive. 360east is there, and it seems to be easy for people to add their podcasts from iTunes itself.

I will be posting a new podcast in the coming few hours. It will just be a short one as I just want to test how long it will take after posting it for it to appear in iTunes. Sadly, my two earlier MixUp Arabia episodes do not appear for download (they seem to be too old).

One interesting note: iTunes has listed the podcast under the name 360east.com and not MixUp Arabia! So it goes with the site name and not with the podcast name. Another surprise: 360east comes out as a top search result when looking for the words branding, brand and design. This will ‘force’ me to talk more about design and branding. Oh well. :) .


One response to “Yes! 360east is on iTunes!”

  1. Mike Guay Avatar
    Mike Guay

    Please, I am begging you, focus your podcasts on the Arab world as you know it. As an American, I believe our society is ignorant of this topic; although this are courses that can be taken at my highshcool called “Islam and Architecture” I am unable to take it because of my other conflicting courses.