iPod Nano

Got my iPod nano. In black. 2GB (4GB out of stock). Review to follow soon. So far.. it’s great!

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8 responses to “Got my iPod nano”

  1. Ameen Malhas Avatar
    Ameen Malhas

    Mabrook, isn’t it smaller than anyone who hasn’t seen it in real life can imagine? Personally my favorite new toy.

    Enjoy it.

  2. Abeer Avatar

    wooow!! mabrook!! you’re so lucky! i had two items in my wish list… i got one of them two days ago.. ipod nano is the other :)

  3. Roba Avatar

    Mabrook :)
    Apple make the hottest pieces of machinery ever.. it’s just unbelievable how handsome the Nano is!

  4. nar Avatar

    Enjoy it. I heard that customers are complaining about how easy it is to scratch the screen – be careful.

  5. Ameen Malhas Avatar
    Ameen Malhas

    Following up on nar’s comment, if the screen breaks Apple replaces it for free, the defect rate is 0.1% (according to Apple).

  6. Andante Avatar

    Is the sound quality as good as the shuffle?

  7. phil Avatar

    the sound is soposed to be better then any of apples previos mp3 players is this true?

  8. jim achmoody Avatar
    jim achmoody

    the i-pod mini apears to be junk from the looks of the complaints on the net and my experience-hope the nano is better for the sake of all who’ve put down the bucks for them