Million Dollar Home Page

How much would pay to buy a pixel on a website?

A 21 year old guy (a really clever guy, that is), came up with an idea to create the million dollar home page, offering 1 million pixels on it for sale. 1 pixel = 1 dollar. Simple. He set up the site last August to pay for his university tuition fees (and to buy new socks). And guess what? By 31 Dec 2005, he had sold 999,000 pixels!

It gets better.

As of today he’s auctioning off the last 1000 pixels on ebay [link to auction].

When I checked at noon, the 1000 pixels had reached a price of around 6000 US$. As I write this at midnight, the highest bid is up to US$ 21,400.

And they say you can’t make money on the internet!

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9 responses to “The man who sold a million pixels, for 1$ each!”

  1. Yazan Malakha Avatar
    Yazan Malakha

    Don’t you mean 999,000 pixels? [yes yazan, corrected :) ]

  2. Subhan Avatar

    I remembered reading abt the story sometime back and was sure he would be selling them all. It has all the right ingredients – a worthy cause, media attention and a unique idea.

    Theres lots of ad mollah on Internet – but mostly coming from porn,datting and gambling.

  3. Ibrahim Avatar

    Oh god!

  4. Samer Avatar

    I guess we can thank capitalism (and the internet) for funny real stories like this one. Hail the entrepreneur spirit!

    This story is slightly less preposterious than the ‘buy land in the moon online’ story (The moon was sold out though, try Mars), in that you do get what you bought, in the form of a fully-fledged perfectly functioning pixel to play around with and wow your friends. Unlike an ownership paper when you buy land in the moon.

    Human stupidity is on steroids lately.

  5. Humeid Avatar

    Update.. today the remaining 1000 pixels have already reached US $152,300 on ebay.

    As for calling this ‘stupid’ I don’t know. Ot’s obviously a one-off thing. But the guy created an idea and an interesting advertising space that has become worth something. The resulting mosaic is a comment on our times, and thus I look at it as art.

  6. Tabid Avatar

    There are many many copies of this site now too.
    Here is one involving fashion models …

  7. Motorbike Race Fan Avatar
    Motorbike Race Fan

    I would like to help a motorbike racer friend to raise some much needed cash to enable him to fund his own race team next year and I’d like some advice as to how to go about it in a similar way to the above, perhaps to try and attract bike race fans and bike/parts/race clothing companies etc etc.

    Thanks for reading my post!

  8. ARNOBIE Avatar

    that was a awesome, I was amazed of on how make time for that idea…but to sell it here in our country, they will take it, 70% of the links provided are blocked…sorry…

  9. Bebo skins Avatar
    Bebo skins

    Fair play to the guy, its an amazing consept to come up with, people have became millionaires while being much less inovative.