Today Al-ghad is carrying a special supplement containing the full text of the Jordanian Constitution. Al-Rai is also carrying the full text of the Constitution and an ad campaign with the slogan ‘Know your rights, protect yourself’. The three published ads are about the Constitution, against nepotism and against early marraige.

The ads carry the logos of the Ministry of Political Development, Law Group for Human Rights, as well as the flags of the European Union and the Netherlands. A legal helpline telephone number is also mentioned.

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3 responses to “Know your rights: The Jordanian Constitution”

  1. Janti Avatar

    I don’t think that reading the constitution and knowing your rights will help much in a 3rd-world country, hope you get my point, because I can’t talk more thab that! ;o)

  2. Deema Avatar

    We’re not a 3rd world country per se; we are a developing country =)

  3. noah Avatar

    I would like to have been able to read the constitution because I am curious about a moderate constititional monarchy in the middle east but I cannot because it is not in English. Please help!